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Protective Rubber Boots For Tripod Ladders


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Protective Rubber Boots for Tripod Ladders.

Designed to protect your drive and patio from the clawed feet.

If working indoors to protect your wooden floors and carpets.

Please note that the Rubber Boots are dispatched separately from the Tripod Ladders.

The Price Is For 1 Rubber Boot, 3 Are Needed Per Ladder. 

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FAQs - Tripod Ladders

How does a 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladder work?

The Crown adjustable 3 leg tripod works using a simple process. The 3 adjustable legs of the tripod allow it to stand firmly on the ground without shaking or wobbling. 

Each leg of the tripod ladder is individually adjustable, allowing you to conveniently counteract uneven grounds. You can adjust each leg of the tripod up to a length of 45 cm (18”), giving you a higher reach. Crown tripod ladders come with claw like feet which help to grip soft grounds or gravel, making them suitable for outdoor use.  

Do I need a 3 adjustable leg ladder, or is a 1 adjustable leg ladder enough?

Both ladders have different features which are sometimes specific to their use. We often recommend the 3 adjustable leg tripod ladders for use in the garden or areas with uneven ground.

This is highly important since a ladder needs to be properly balanced and levelled while being used. Gardens are often soft and uneven, thus the need for a 3 adjustable leg ladder. 

Despite being perfect for soft ground and gardens, the 3 adjustable leg ladders are also great for indoor use and hard surfaces. There is hardly any ground surface that you can’t use these 3 adjustable leg ladders on. 

Single adjustable tripod ladders on the other hand are designed to be used on flat surfaces as well as single plane slopes. For slopes that are parallel to your working area, the 1 adjustable leg ladder might just not be suitable for use. 

Can I use the 3 adjustable leg tripod ladders indoors?

Yes, you can always use the Crown adjustable 3 leg tripod indoors. 

Crown tripod ladders are built to work perfectly indoors as well as hard surfaces thanks to their rubber feet which are an optional feature.

With these rubber feet, you can be sure of preventing scratches on delicate floors while also maintaining great grip and stability.

Should I buy the professional Crown tripod ladder?

For those who plan on using the tripod ladder for tree surgery or other landscape gardening tasks, you can always purchase our professional tripod platform ladder with 3 adjustable legs. 

This is because these professional tripod ladders are made from the thicker aluminium, compared to the standard tripod ladders. The thicker aluminium allows the ladder to withstand longer use and movements. This resistance to frequent use makes it cost-effective and ideal for business owners.

What’s the difference between the platform and non-platform Ladders? 

Despite the designs being the major difference between both the platform step ladders and tripod stands, both ladders are designed to be completely safe and sturdy on any platform or landscape. Both of these ladders also feature adjustable legs for even more balance on steps, dips or slopes with a recommended safe working load of 150kg.

Another big difference between both ladders is the lightweight of the tripod ladders thanks to their all-aluminium body frame which also improves their durability and mobility. The spring pin adjustments on the legs of the tripod ladder also make it very easy to assemble.

The platform ladder on the other hand features a bigger support platform which is held in place by a guard strap. Platform ladders also allow for more height adjustment. This is as a result of the ability of each leg to extend as far as 2ft. It also comes with an optional 3ft height extender for added height. 

By allowing you to conveniently increase your reach, these ladders do a great job of improving your performance and reducing the risk of falling thanks to its high guard rail.

What ladder size do I need? 

Getting the right ladder size is very important. We often encourage our customers to always choose the right ladder size. Choosing a ladder that is taller or shorter than your intended size will prove to be problematic later on. A ladder that happens to be too tall will have you standing on lower rungs instead of the recommended platform. A ladder that is too short will have you stretching and overreaching, leading to a loss of balance or stability.

If you’re having issues choosing the right size of tripod ladder, you can always contact our customer support for assistance. 

What is the reason for the rubber feet?

With the rubber feet, using your ladder becomes a lot easier to use indoors and on hard surfaces.

Place the rubber feet on the foot of your ladder. This will help improve grip and prevent the feet of the ladder from scratching your floor. 

However, when working outdoors or on soft ground, we advise that you take off the rubber feet from your ladder. The aluminium feet of the tripod ladder allow it to properly dig in and grip soft surfaces. This will ensure that the ladder doesn’t sink or slip.

If I order the wrong size, can I exchange it? 

Of course, you can always exchange your ladder for another one if you ordered the wrong size. However, you will be charged a small fee of £25 as a collection charge. 

You can always refer to our “Delivery and returns” section on this page for more details on returning a ladder.

What is the cost of delivery?

As long as you are ordering from the mainland UK, there is an all-day delivery slot that offers charge-free delivery.

For those who require a morning or Saturday delivery slot, this may attract additional costs. We advise you to contact our customer support for more delivery options.

If you’re ordering our tripod ladder from other countries, this may attract extra costs depending on the region you’re ordering from. We advise you to contact our customer support for more details on the cost.

For those who require a ladder to carry out daily activities of any kind, the “Working at Height Regulations” (WAHR) should not be a new thing to you. You can easily access information regarding WAHR from the HSE (Health and Safety Executive). In terms of recommendation, the BERR and HSE have acknowledged the use of EN 131 ladders for professional use. They also advise that you take out time to go through a “risk assessment” before the commencement of any job.

How do I do a risk assessment?

Risk assessment can be completed by the following steps:

  1. Identify potential hazards at your workplace or workstation.

  2. Know those that are at risk of harm and how accidents may occur.

  3. Ensure that the existing precautionary measures are intact. More can be added if the present measures are insufficient.

  4. Take note of your findings.

  5. Evaluate your findings.

Tests have proven that all models of the Crown Tripod Ladders have a safe working load of up to 150kg (330lbs). The working load comprises the weights of both the individual and their work tools. However, you are advised not to exceed this safe working load with more than a single individual on the Tripod ladder. Additionally, using the Tripod Ladders for Industrial or heavy-duty activity is a big No as the Tripod ladders are made only for domestic use and light trade.

Before Use

You must be medically fit and to work using a ladder. This is because many medical ailments or prescriptions can make you unqualified to work using a ladder. Try as much as you can to avoid damage to the ladders when transporting them in the back of a pickup, a trailer, or on a roof rack. This can be done properly by ensuring that the ladders are well secured with straps for added safety. When using a strap, avoid pulling down the middle of the ladder as this can cause the ladder to bend. Once you’ve transported your ladder to your destination, inspect the operation and condition of all parts of the ladder. 

If you happen to be a professional user, you are required to inspect your ladder regularly. Make sure the ladder is fit and ready to be used for the job. Avoid using the ladder if you notice any signs of damage, as this may lead to accidents.

Tripod Ladder Safety 

With a safe working height reaching up to 6Ft (1.8m), you are advised to stand at most 3 steps below the top of the ladder. For ladders reaching up to 6Ft (1.8m), ensure you’re standing at least 4 steps away from the top of the ladder. Always try to put your reach and height into consideration when following the guideline above.

Ensure that the rear leg chain of the ladder is fully extended at all times. This will make the legs stand at an angle of about 75 degrees, placing the front and back legs at the right distance. 

If you are experiencing any inconvenience getting close to your work area, do not reduce the rear leg of the ladder. You can either do your job sideways to get a better reach. If your work area is located around or over a tree, bush, or hedge, you can place the rear end of the ladder into the bush or hedge for better convenience. We boldly advise against putting blocks or bricks under the legs of the ladder at any point. If you happen to find yourself working on slopes, you can turn your direction uphill by increasing the length of the back end of the ladder and extending the leg chain. This will ensure that both legs of the ladder are positioned on the same plane. Try as much as you can to keep both feet on the same step, while keeping your body between the lines of the ladder. This will prevent you from trying to overreach, as we are strongly against it. Pay close attention to your surroundings, especially when carrying your ladder around. This will help prevent any form of damage to the ladder. Survey your work area to monitor the possibility of any hard object like a branch falling on you or your ladder. Ensure there are no electrical wires or overhead hazards in your work area.

Ladder Inspection

Crown Ladders are made from extruded and welded aluminium which makes them very strong and durable. However, dents or heavy scratching can cause damage to the ladder. It is your responsibility to ensure your safety, that is why we advise you to carry out a proper inspection of your ladder before use. In terms of storage, ensure that your ladder is stored in a way that prevents it from being damaged by other items.

Crown 3 Leg Adjust Ladder

Before the use of the ladder, ensure that the legs of the ladder are secured. Do not forget to check if the adjustable leg pins are properly fixed. If you happen to realise that a part is missing, place a reorder request from your ladder supplier.

Rubber boots 

All the Crown ladders can have rubber boots fitted to the clawed feet. This is to protect wooden patios or decorative flagstones around the home, or just to give more stability on hard flat surfaces. You can order the rubber boots separately by visiting our online store.


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