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Silky Saws

The Silky Saws brand has long been the professional’s choice for those who work in the woods, arborists and tree surgeons. Precision razor-sharp blades make easy work whether you’re pruning, crosscutting, felling or undertaking general tree trimming. 

Straight, curved and folding Silky Saws blade models are available for various applications. All are of the finest quality and are resistant to tree resin. The incorporated handles are lightweight and comfortable even on budget models. 

Whether you are looking for folding saws or a silky fox curved blade, we stock smooth cutting technology available to suit your line of work. Additional features include silky fox saws with large teeth, fine teeth and different blade lengths.  

Buying a Silky Saw is a long-term purchase with spare and replacement blades available for all models.

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Price £91.00
BIGBOY is available in 3 sizes, Red=L teeth, Black=M teeth, and Blue=Fine teeth. 14-1/5-inch (360 mm) blade length 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth...

Silky Gomtaro Pruning Saw

Price £36.00
The Silky Gomtaro is a superior replacement to the Gomtaro Apple. Manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel, this mono-construction has a moulded rubber...

Silky Tsurugi Pruning Saw

Price £45.00
The Silky TSURUGI pruning saw is perhaps the lightest, best balanced big saw ever produced, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware to...

Silky Sugoi Saw

Price £68.99
The Silky SUGOI saw has a uniquely shaped curved blade with a non-slip rubber handle. The 360mm scabbard features an easily replaceable plastic...

Silky Zübat Pruning Saw

Price £62.00
Silky Zübat Saw is a heavy-duty, professional curved Silky saw with 7.5 teeth per 30mm, suitable for cutting large branches. 7.5 teeth per 30mm...

Silky Zübat Arborist Saw

Price £52.16
Silky Zübat Arborist Saw is the newest addition to the Zübat range and offers extra teeth of 5.5 teeth per 30mm, quickly ripping through fresh...


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