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Prusiks & Split Tails

Friction ropes and split tails make climbing trees easier and safer, providing proper grip while reducing friction. Split tails form a connection between a climbing rope’s running end and a climber’s harness. It is an essential component designed to help climbers control their movements, creating a positive sliding friction knot.

We have products from well-established brands like Marlow, Yale, Stein, etc, so if you’re looking for reliable friction ropes and split tails, browse through our collection. All products are certified, made from durable materials that can last for several years with proper maintenance. The products are available in different sizes and colours.

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Treehog Prussik Loop

Price £20.80
Unlike many other standard prussik loops, the TH1154 is sewn from a length of our THAC10 high strength heat resistant accessory cord, making it...

ATOL Pre-Tied Prusik Loop

Price £14.80
The prusik loop has been around for many years and still proves to be a vital piece of climbing kit for many people. These loops have many uses in...

Treehog Eye to Eye Sling

Price £14.42
This 10mm diameter Treehog eye-to-eye sling hitches are both heat resistant and grippy; ideal for prussik cords and friction hitches. 10mm...


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