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Pruning Saws

Pruning saws are especially used by landscapers, arborists and many other outdoor workers. They can be used for cutting small trees, pruning and much more. Available at Nothern Arb, we supply a great selection of pruning saws at affordable prices. Our wide range of pruning saws are available in different blade lengths to suit your line of work.

For maximum performance, the pruning saws are also fitted with a soft rubber handle and a razor-sharp blade for easy cutting. Regardless of whether you are woodcutting or branch cutting, our choice of cutting blades provide the perfect solution. For thicker branches and precision ground cutting, choose curved blades and folding saws which are all designed with super sharp teeth for easy and fast cutting. Additional features include a locking mechanism, slip grip handles, chrome-plated blades and rust-resistant materials.

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Silky Zübat Pruning Saw

Price £39.00
Silky Zübat Saw is a heavy-duty, professional curved Silky saw with 7.5 teeth per 30mm, suitable for cutting large branches. 7.5 teeth per 30mm...

Silky Forester Pole Saw

Price £141.44
The Silky Forester Pole Saw is the professional's pole saw with lightweight, state-of-the-art, oval-shaped aluminium alloy poles. With two...

Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw

Price £133.79
The Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw brings those difficult to reach branches within your reach and is the professionals first choice. 390mm long curved...

Silky Longboy Pole Saw

Price £192.51
The Silky Longboy Pole Saw can be used in a wide range of applications including trimming, pruning, gardening, forestry and arboriculture....

Silky Tsurugi Pruning Saw

Price £44.19
The Silky TSURUGI pruning saw is perhaps the lightest, best balanced big saw ever produced, having no handle screws, nuts or extraneous hardware to...

Silky Zübat Pole Saw

Price £89.78
A lightweight telescopic Silky pole saw fitted with the Zübat blade. The pole is oval shaped to assure firmness when sawing. These saws have a...

Silky GOMBOY Folding Saw

Price £29.41
The Silky GOMBOY folding saw is ideal for all pruning tasks as well as cutting dry, hard timber.  Clear plastic hinged carrying case, Limited...

Silky Zübat Arborist Saw

Price £52.16
Silky Zübat Arborist Saw is the newest addition to the Zübat range and offers extra teeth of 5.5 teeth per 30mm, quickly ripping through fresh...


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