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Ascenders & Descenders

Ascenders and descenders are all safety components designed to help arborists climb trees. Rope grabs are designed to grab the line and arrest a fall if an arborist puts weight on their harness. Ascenders and descenders help climbers scale up and down the tree without putting in too much effort.

We have a collection of high-quality ascenders, descenders, and rope grabs made from brands like DMM, ISC, Stein, etc. All products are certified by authorities, and tested to withstand different conditions. They’re made from resilient materials so you can expect them to last for years with proper maintenance. 

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Haas Velox Foot Ascender

Price £124.95
The HAAS Velox Foot Ascender, works as part of the HAAS system. It adds 18 inches of bungee, giving total 30 inches of travel. It gives a smooth...

Petzl Ascentree

Price £94.35
Handled rope clamp designed for doubled rope ascents, the ASCENTREE has ergonomic handles allowing a comfortable and powerful grip when pulling....

PETZL Knee Ascent Loop

Price £85.00
PETZL Knee Ascent Loop assembly to facilitate the arborist's ascent when using the ZIGZAG or ZIGZAG PLUS mechanical Prusik on a single rope....

STEIN Knee Ascent System

Price £60.09
The STEIN Knee Ascent System is a simple but effective kit of components which helps assist you in ascending your climbing system easier and...

ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender

Price £40.93
The ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender has been designed following extensive feedback from many industry users. During the development of the STRYDER,...

Treehog THRG2 Rope Grab

Price £37.44
Aluminium rope grab for 9-13mm diameter rope. Single piece anodized aluminium body. Dual-action quick-release mechanism. Plastic coated...


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