Rotatech Chain For Husqvarna Chainsaws

Rotatech™ Chains to fit Husqvarna Chainsaws. These are a low cost high-quality replacement chain, designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market.

Simply Select your Model, Guide Bar Size & Type Of Cutter.

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Brand New High Quality Low Cost Chainsaw Chain Exclusive To Northern Arb Supplies

Chainsaw chain manufacturing has been a black art for many years and only the well-known chainsaw manufacturers have managed to produce a chain that performs well, wears consistently and retains its integrity at the high end of the market…..That is until now!! Development in different steels from America’s elite chainsaw engineers has now produced a chain that will stand up to the quality our Arborists demand and at a fraction of the cost.

Rotatech™ Chainsaw Chain has recently been launched and is only available at Northern Arb Supplies. Rotatech™ Chains are a low cost high quality replacement chain, designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market. In some cases around 66% cheaper than a well known brands equivalent.

With Rotatech™ MS201T 12” chain costing only £5.98 and a Guide Bar for the same saw costing only £14.99 it’s hard to ignore the savings that come with switching to Rotatech™. We have done competitor research and on average a Rotatech™ equivalent chain is one third of the price of the leading brand but still has the quality to back this saving up.



Jack From Ridgwick Tree Services Says

“You can’t ignore the fact that these chains are far cheaper than

other chains. They save me a fortune and perform better than

you would expect for such a low cost chain”


John From The Tree Man Says

“When I first tried these chains they were much better than

expected, They stay sharp and are excellent value for money”


Bill From WTL Fencing Says

“I have a team of 20 running Rotatech Chains.

To be honest I don’t know why I ever paid

for more expensive chains when we are throwing them away so often”



Please use the selector above to find the part number for your saw then check it to the below table.



Part Number Explained: A1044 (A1) = Chain Type (044) = Number Of Drive Links

                                      C3SFT056 (C3SFT) = Chain Type (056) = Number Of Drive Links

Chain Types:

A0 - Pitch:3/8" lp Gauge: 1.1mm (.043") Cutter: Semi-Chisel

A1 - Pitch:3/8" lp Gauge: 1.3mm (.050") Cutter: Semi-Chisel

B1FT - Pitch:.325" Gauge: 1.3mm (.050") Cutter: Semi-Chisel

B1SFT - Pitch:.325" Gauge: 1.3mm (.050") Cutter: Full-Chisel

B2SFT - Pitch:.325" Gauge: 1.5mm (.058") Cutter: Full-Chisel

B3SFT - Pitch:.325" Gauge: 1.6mm (.063") Cutter: Full-Chisel

C1SFT - Pitch:3/8" Gauge: 1.3mm (.050") Cutter: Full-Chisel

C2SFT - Pitch:3/8" Gauge: 1.5mm (.058") Cutter: Full-Chisel

C3SFT - Pitch:3/8" Gauge: 1.6mm (.063") Cutter: Full-Chisel



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