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Chipper Blade Sharpening

Chipper Blade Sharpening? We offer a Wood Chipper Blade Sharpening Service for a wide range of chipper blades. Whether you have Timberwolf, Jensen or Greenmech chipper, Our high-quality sharpening service regrinds your chipper blades to the original manufacturer’s specs ensuring they stay sharp and save you time while you keep chipping. To arrange a FREE Collection to receive them back within 3 days, please complete the form below.

To book a collection simply fill in the form below.


Regrind Price Guide

One Pair Standard Chipper Blades - £31.49
Two Pairs Standard Blades - £22.25 Per Pair
Three Pairs Standard Blades - £19.16 Per Pair
Four Pairs Standard Blades - £17.63 Per Pair
Five Pairs Standard Blades - £16.70 Per Pair
Greenmech Discs - £7.00 each (min 8 discs)*
Timberwolf 35/150 blades - £13.48 per set (min 5 sets)*
Timberwolf 190/300 blades - £26.16 per pair (min 3 sets)*
Extra standard chipper blades can be added for £6.50 per blade. All prices subject to VAT.

 - Please inspect the minimum blade wear limit before booking a collection. If unsure, contact your manufacturer for more information and advice. While our priority is to ensure the blades are sharpened to the manufacturer's specification, it is the customer’s responsibility to check the wear limit before booking in the blades for sharpening. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.
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