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  • 3M


    Products that work as hard as you do. From the most basic to the most specialised needs, 3M offers the health and safety protection you and your workers need most, so everyone can perform at their best. They are a science based technology company with an eye for improving lives and doing business in the right way. 

    For professionals in the arboriculture and forestry industries, these products are perfect for you as they ensure your protection and comfort when working at heights. At Northern Arb Supplies we house a range of 3M protective equipment so browse our store and order today.

  • Arb Climber

    Arb Climber

    ARB CLIMBER magazine is the newest edition to Technical Rescue publications and is based on the same successful format as TECHNICAL RESCUE Magazine (www.trescue.com) which is now in its 25th year of publishing.

  • Arbortec


    Arbortec are specialists in the arboriculture and forestry industries. Their selection of PPE includes chainsaw boots, gloves, and clothes that provide protection, comfort and usability. They also specialise in tree climbing equipment, rigging & lowering gear, tools, and safety equipment. 

    With a mission to 'Bring inspiration and innovation to every chainsaw user in the world', Arbortec are a popular, high-quality professional brand of chainsaw PPE. Founded in 1990 and has a head office in Norfolk, UK. They are proud of their customer satisfaction.

    We provide the very best of clothing protection from Arbortec with a wide range of products. At Northern Arb Supplies find a great selection of chainsaw trousers, waterproof jackets, chainsaw boots, climbing gloves and much more!



    B-BRAND is one of several retail brands by parent company Beeswift who specialise in safety and hazard protection workwear and conforms to the highest levels of quality, safety and durability. We offer a complete forestry helmet and other parts and replacement spares for the B-BRAND forestry helmet.

  • Bashlin


    Browse our fantastic selection of climbing equipment and parts by Bashlin, available here at Northern Arb Supplies. Bashlin for over 90 years have been a supplier of quality products to professionals in the utilities and general industry.

  • Celox


    Celox is the maker of Celox haemostat granules. They are quick to apply granules that reduce bleeding fast.

  • Climbing Technology

    Climbing Technology

    Climbing Technology (by Aludesign SpA) designs and produces innovative devices for all vertical disciplines, specifically designed for safety and ease of use. Over 30 years of experience have made Climbing Technology a company that is capable of perceiving the market needs and turning those needs into innovative products for mountaineering, sport climbing and for safety while working at height.

    Climbing Technology work with a team of experts who contribute to the development of new products. The team is composed of highly qualified professionals (SIA instructors, mountain guides, rescuers etc), that all work in conjunction to achieve the company's goals. Climbing Technology focuses on safety, functional effectiveness and simplicity to enhance the value of their products so you will not doubt the quality, safety and origin of your PPE. 

    All Climbing Technology products are MADE IN ITALY and provide excellent comfort, safety and practicality.

  • Corona


    For over 90 years, Corona Tools has been dedicated to offering a full range of professional lawn and garden tools—from pruners, shears and loppers to saws, shovels and rakes. They are here to provide you with the highest quality tools, parts and support for all your gardening needs. Season after season.

    At Northern Arb Supplies we house a range of Corona tools to help you with any gardening task. We recommend these tools as they are durable, reliable and easy to use for anyone who doesn’t have much gardening experience. Browse our range of tools by Corona and order online today.

  • Crown
  • Cutter Work Wear

    Cutter Work Wear

    Cutter Work Wear specialise in tough, reliable protective equipment. We offer a range of protective equipment.

  • DMM


    DMM are suppliers of a wide range of climbing equipment, specialising in carabiners and are considered world leaders in the climbing gear industry. Their objective is to develop and innovate in order to bring world leading products to market. The company started making equipment for rock climbing and mountaineering but this soon led to them developing products aimed more at the industrial market.

    At Northern Arb we offer a wide range of DMM products for jobs such as climbing, lowering and rigging. DMM are one of the most popular brands for climbing gear so you can assume great quality when buying their products. Browse our range of equipment from carabiners to pulleys and order online today.

  • English Braids

    English Braids

    English Braids is the UK based privately owned, manufacturer of ropes, cords and braids. Production capabilities range from 0.5mm through to 80mm in diameter in a variety of constructions.

  • HAAS


    HAAS develop specialist ascent Tree Climbing equipment. They are well know for the Velox system. 

  • Haix


    Haix is a high-tech functional shoe manufacturer with the goal of making quality, well designed products that can perform in various environments. Their products are made to keep you safe both on and off the job. Made from high-quality materials you can be sure that a pair of Haix boots will last you ages and will continue to perform adequately. For tree surgeons and arborists, a pair of Haix chainsaw boots are a must if you want to work efficiently and safely.

    Haix chainsaw boots have an innovative design to protect your feet from hazards while also providing comfort and practicality. At Northern Arb Supplies we have a selection of Haix boots that are tried and tested by professionals in the industry.

  • HARDHEAD Wedges

    HARDHEAD Wedges

    American made HardHead wedges are manufactured from special engineered ABS that will resist the most severe shock. Perfect for tree felling.

  • Harkie


    The Harkie range is innovative, durable, rugged gear which makes you just want to get up the tree and use it because your normal job is now so much more fun. 

  • Hellberg


    Hellberg sound protection are some of the most effective and comfortable on the market. These products are tested to ensure they meet with their demands. If you need PPE then you should consider Hellberg products as they are reliable and high quality. They are easily compatible with helmets and other pieces of protective equipment. If you are working in a noisy, dangerous environment then you should think about purchasing some Hellberg products to make your job easier, safer and more professional.

    Northern Arb Supplies offer Hellberg helmet accessories, ear defenders and face visors. Browse our selection and order today.

  • Hendon Ladders

    Hendon Ladders

    Hendon Tripod Ladders have revolutionised the way landscapers work. Thanks to its innovative design the tripod ladder is lightweight and can be used in multiple ways. You can work safely knowing that these ladders are tested to a professional standard. They are also very stable and designed for safety when working at height on uneven, soft and sloping terrain. 

    Hendon offers a wide range of Tripod Ladders for both professionals and non-professionals landscapers. They come in a range of sizes and designs in order to fit your needs. Whether you are pruning or using heavy machinery the tripod ladder is perfect for offering support and dexterity while you work. At Northern Arb Supplies we offer a range of Hendon Tripod Ladders so browse our selection and order online today.

  • ISC


    ISC manufactures a full range of Tree Climbing and Arborist Rigging, Lifting and Lowering devices. The wide range of ISC Rigging Pulleys has, over the years, become established as the ‘tried, tested and trusted’ Rigging solution for the Arborist industry.

    ISC designs its products to solve issues with a focus on the industrial and heavy use of applications. Their objective is to make your job safer and easier with products that exceed the industry requirements. ISC products are durable, reliable and user-friendly which makes them a top choice among industry experts. If you are a tree surgeon or arborist then you should consider ISC as they are reliable and proven to make some of the best equipment in the industry.

  • Jameson


    Jameson introduced fibreglass poles in 1956 as a stronger, lighter alternative for wooden poles used by telecommunication companies. As these companies advanced with underground cabling, Jameson manufactured fibreglass conduit rodders. Committed to development, today the Jameson brand encompasses tools for wiring, locating and tree trimming.

    Jameson manufactures professional-grade tools for cable pulling, locating, wiring, tree trimming and lighting. They are ideal for workers in arboriculture and forestry because they are easy to use and of very high-quality. Browse our selection of tools by Jameson at Northern Arb Supplies today.

  • Kamikaze


    Kamikaze specialises in pruning, harvesting and agricultural tools. The brand is well known thanks to its wide range of landscaping and gardening products which offer great value for money. This brand understands the importance of pruning and strives to create high quality landscaping and gardening tools which can be used to ensure better flowering and fruit production.

  • KASK
  • Komet Miller

    Komet Miller

    Komet Miller are specialists in manufacturing climbing equipment that is safe, comfortable and practical. Their range of products includes climbing spikes, full body harnesses and spares, all of which are used by professionals. At Northern Arb Supplies we have a selection of Komet Miller products available at fantastic prices.

  • Marlow Ropes

    Marlow Ropes

    Marlow is the only UK manufacturer of Arboriculture ropes. Marlow ropes have all been specifically designed with technical innovation and include CE certified climbing ropes, lowering lines and rigging slings. Marlow has a reputation for making high-quality British ropes using the latest man made fibres. Their products are used and recommended by professional tree surgeons so you can be certain they will do the job. 

  • MediKit


    Medikit supply a comprehensive range of first aid and occupational health and safety products enabling employers to meet the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations 1981 & 1997 revised Approved Code of Practice.

  • MSA Sordin

    MSA Sordin

    MSA Sordin design and test safety products that are used commonly by professional tree workers. Their safety products include MSA visors, eye defenders and more. 

  • Muller + Sons

    Muller + Sons

    Muller + sons are known for making high-performance equipment for professionals in the forestry industry. They have a great selection of hatchets, axes and log picks which are ideal for managing logs and large pieces of wood. Muller + sons also make quality tree wedges for splitting and felling wood. At Northern Arb Supplies we stock a great selection of hatchets, axes, picks, wedges and more.

  • New England Ropes

    New England Ropes

    Browse our wide range of New England Ropes for tree climbing and general climbing activities. Our selection ropes are also available in different colours and sizes to suit your line or work or activity. Shop now with fast delivery at Northern Arb Supplies.

  • Other


    At Northern Arb Supplies we offer a selection of books on arboriculture, ranging from Arborist Field Guides to Arborist magazines. These books are suitable for beginners and advanced arborists. Browse our selection and have a read.

  • Oxdale log Splitters

    Oxdale log Splitters

    Oxdale Products was founded in 2008 and is based in Chesterfield, Derbyshire. They pride themselves on manufacturing a British product of outstanding quality. Their products are well known in the UK and used by hundreds of professionals. They offer a range of machinery including their log splitters which are high-performance and can be powered in various ways.

    At Northern Arb Supplies we offer some of their best products and are an official dealer of their products. Browse our full range and order online with Fast UK mainland delivery.

  • Petzl


    Petzl is a manufacturer of climbing gear, work-at-height equipment and headlamps. They are based in Crolles, France. Petzl aspires to create innovative tools that allow workers to progress, position and protect themselves when working at vertical heights. They are a household name in the climbing industry and their equipment is used and recommended by professionals. 

    Our PETZL branded products are one of the largest collections in the arborist industry. We offer a wide selection of arborist equipment and parts by PETZL, including some of the best harnesses on the market and protective equipment at affordable prices.

  • Pfanner


    Pfanner Schutzbekleidung GmbH stands for highest quality and sustainability products. With their customized solutions and novel technologies, they are a premium manufacturer of protective apparel and security clothing. Browse our range of Pfanner PPE and order online today.

  • Quazar


    We offer a range of high quality safety signs for Tree Surgeons, Arborists and Landscapers from Quazar International.

  • Rotatech Bars

    Rotatech Bars

    A selection of Rotatech chainsaw bars at affordable prices.

  • Rotatech Blades

    Rotatech Blades

    Saturn Machine Knives offers a large selection of different supplies for the arborist. They also manufacture the high quality and affordable Rotatech brand. 

  • Rotatech Chains

    Rotatech Chains

    Having developed our chainsaw chain blades. We have become known as the high quality, low cost chainsaw chains.

    Our own range also includes Bars, Oils and Files.

  • Rotatech Lubricants
  • Rotatech Stump Grinding
  • Sawpod Ltd

    Sawpod Ltd

    The Sawpod is manufactured by The Darbyshires and is a unique pruning saw holder. It is professionals.

  • Silky Fox Saws

    Silky Fox Saws

    Supplying Folding Saws, Pruning Saws and Pole Saws to the UK. Silky Fox saws, made in Japan by Um:Kogyo Inc since 1919, have developed a world-wide reputation for being the best pruning saws you can buy. Unique technology and design have been applied to produce an extensive range of saws with superb cutting ability.

    Working in the arboriculture industry demands the best equipment available on the market, so look no further than Silky Saws. Silky has a saw for every job, from precision pruning to heavy sawing, these saws allow you to cut smoothly and efficiently. At Northern Arb Supplies we have a wide range of silky saws and spare parts. Each saw comes in various lengths so you have the access you need to start pruning. Browse our selection of saws and order today.

  • Simarghu


    Simarghu Fire and Gemini harnesses are designed specifically for Arborists. Unique features to give the wearer the best in comfort and flexibility.

  • SIP


    “Protection through innovation” is the key philosophy behind SIP Protection. They have been testing chainsaw trousers for over 30 years in order to achieve the best possible solution. SIP aspires to manufacture PPE which is lighter, safer and more comfortable so you can focus on the job at hand. You can be sure that SIP Protect PPE has been tested thoroughly so you don’t have to worry about the risks. SIP is also constantly looking for alternative fabrics, materials and trims to innovate the way we manufacture PPE.

    SIP Protection offers a range of PPE such as chainsaw trousers, chainsaw jackets and chainsaw boots. They also manufacture chainsaw gloves and braces to fit your trousers. All of these and more are available at Northern Arb Supplies so browse our store and order online today.

  • Skylotec


    Manufacturers of protective Equipment such as Harnesses, SKYLOTEC stands for maximum safety at heights—in industrial applications and in mountaineering.

  • Skytec Gloves

    Skytec Gloves

    Manufacturers of protective Equipment such as Harnesses, SKYLOTEC stands for maximum safety at heights—in industrial applications and in mountaineering.

  • Stein


    STEIN is the industry leading Arborist gear & equipment manufacturer. STEIN products have been developed to provide the industry with the safety and protection expected from modern day equipment. With ever evolving techniques and requirements, STEIN prides itself on evolving with the industry.

    STEIN invests in research and development projects to bring professionals the best quality products which can match the demands faced on a daily basis. This program continues to evolve with the demands of the industry so the products are always effective and reliable.

    At Northern Arb Supplies we have a wide selection of high-quality STEIN products. Browse our range of helmets, climbing spikes, chainsaw boots, pruning systems and more. Used and recommended by thousands of arborists, tree surgeons and DIY users.

  • Sterling
  • Stihl


    Stihl are a market leader in chainsaw equipment and garden machinery. From Chainsaws to lawn mowers, strimmers and more, Stihl offers some of the best gardening machinery on the Market.

  • Teufelberger


    Teufelberger offers a wide range of high-quality products for use in the arboriculture and forestry industries. They specialise in manufacturing steel wire ropes for forestry work, advanced harnesses for climbing and tree care as well as secure transport systems for your equipment. Teufelberger are well respected in the industry and their products are used by hundreds of professional arborists and tree surgeons. 

    At Northern Arb Supplies we have a selection of Teufelberger products including work positioning harnesses, Ropebag transport systems, Treemotion tree climbing kits, and more to help you work at height. Teufelberger is an arborist favourite for comfortable and safe harnesses, we also supply Teufelberger replacement bridge and pulleys.

  • TopSaw


    Quality brand of Power Saw Tools.

  • Treehog


    Treehog is linked to Arbortec Forestwear because they both specialise in high-quality low cost chainsaw protective gear and arborist equipment. Treehog has a wide variety of products suited to all arborist jobs such as climbing, rigging and tree surgery. One of their most popular product ranges are Chainsaw PPE which they manufacture with extreme care and precision in order to achieve a lightweight, high-security piece of clothing. As well as outstanding chainsaw PPE they also provide all types of equipment needed for tree climbing, including spikes, strops and lowering devices.

    At Northern Arb Supplies we have a vast selection of Treehog equipment suited to every arborist’s needs. Browse our range of PPE, Rigging Equipment, climbing gear and more.

  • Vallorbe


    Vallorbe files are known for their high-quality, grinding capability and precise dimension which make them the perfect tool for sharpening  Browse our range of files by Vallorbe and order today.

  • Weblift


    Weblift manufacture lifting slings and other professional products for Tree Surgeons and Arborists.

  • Wound Clot

    Wound Clot

    Woundclot is the next evolution hemostatic agent approved by the FDA and CE for the treatment of severe bleeding both in the field and in the operating room. Developed by Core Scientific, Woundclot is a non-oxidized regenerated cellulosic structure that requires only placement pressure, begins working immediately, and is biologically active and stable on the wound site for 24 - 36 hours.

  • Yale Cordage


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