In an ever-changing marketplace, businesses take many steps to get ahead and create a stronger impact on the consumers’ mind. Something similar has happened at Workware, one of the leading wholesalers and suppliers of arboriculture, horticulture, forestry and agricultural products in the UK. The company has recently rebranded its popular range of ladders as ‘Hendon Tripod Ladders’.

The Brand Name Update

“Going forward our series of ladder brand will be known as Hendon Tripod Ladders. Our customers can expect the same high-quality core products under a new, distinct identity.”

Workware distributes major brands in the industry including Komet Miller, Celox, Leonhard Muller, Haix, Jameson, Towa, and a dozen of others.

“We request all our partners to refer to our ladder range under the new Hendon brand name, in all future materials and existing online listings”. It is worth noting that Northern Arb Supplies is a major supplier of Workware’s range of products including the Hendon Tripod Ladders.

Ladder Range

The Hendon range of products includes several options for the market. This includes its Standard Tripod Ladders, Three Legged Adjustable Tripod Ladders, Heavy Duty Tripod Ladders, and Platform Tripod Ladders. The Standard ladders are available in up to 7 sizes, whilst all the other options are available in 3 to 5 sizes for different models. The ladders can also be used for various garden tasks including hedge work, fruit picking, garden maintenance and more.

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All the products are designed for use in any weather conditions. They are also lightweight, and feature special anti-slip feet. The products undergo rigorous testing and are designed to be robust and stable to allow professionals to work safely at heights. These ladders are also made to provide stability on soft, sloping, and uneven surfaces.

The company has built a reputation for offering a quality range of products for years. And it is carrying forward its legacy with the new brand name.

The Way Forward

The Hendon Ladders are also Tested to BS EN 131-2:2010+A1:2017 & BS EN 131-1:2015. The product series comes with a 3-year warranty and FREE Delivery within the UK mainland.“We certainly hope that everyone likes the change and sees the huge potential for even greater customer engagement through quality photography and brand recognition”

If you have any questions regarding hendon ladders or would like to order online, please get in touch or visit our E-commerce website.