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5 Reasons To Consider The Treemotion Harness For Tree Climbing

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Treemotion Harness – Best Harnesses For Tree Climbing?

Teufelberger is a well-known and well-established company in the arb industry. It is a German brand with a significant global presence, that’s trusted by many experienced tree surgeons. The treeMOTION harnesses are some of Teufelberger’s most popular products and have gained a large following since they were launched in the market in 2007. The company improved the already high-performing harness in 2013, making it much more comfortable and versatile. Here are five reasons why you should consider the treeMOTION harness:

1. Superior Comfort

Comfort is one of the first things climbers mention when they try out the treeMOTION harness. Its ergonomic design allows very good range of movement, allowing climbers to carry out their work without too much strain. The saddle also provides the best work position, which makes tree surgeons work much more comfortable and convenient. Users love the harness because it delivers a pinch-free experience, which makes it ideal for long-term regular use.

2. Customisable

Most climbers like to customise and modify their gear to suit their personal requirements. Few harnesses offer as many customisation options as the treeMOTION products. You can adjust the hang of the leg hoops, saddle, straps, gear loops, etc., to get the perfect fit. This customisability ensures you have a much better climbing experience. If the harness can be customised to fit well, it allows a wider range of movement and lets climbers reach difficult areas easily. It also offers ample options to store gear and seasoned climbers appreciate it.

3. Excellent Load Distribution

It’s difficult to maintain balance when you’re suspended from the tree, which is why its important to have a well-designed harness. The treeMOTION harness has an innovative design that distributes load efficiently throughout its structure. This helps climbers maintain their balance and navigate the tree better. It improves efficiency levels and the quality of their work as well.

Treemotion harness
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4. Durability

TreeMOTION harnesses are made from good-quality durable materials. They can withstand tough climbing conditions and last for years if they’re maintained well. But that’s not the only advantage this harness offers in terms of durability. Arborists can switch out worn or damaged components of the harness without needing to replace it. The parts that can be replaced include the rope bridge, comfort back padding, hip-leg connection, leg loops, gear loops, and leg padding. This allows you to extend the lifespan of the harness by several years.

5. Two Options

TreeMOTION harnesses come in regular and S.Light versions. The super light version is has the same design has regular harnesses, but is made from a thinner material that molds to the climber’s body effectively. The sleeker design provides improved maneuverability and allows climbers more freedom. The harness is light-weight and easier to carry as well, which is always convenient.   

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