Stump Grinder Teeth For Sale

Looking for stump grinder teeth for sale? Rotatech is a trusted brand in the market for chainsaw chains, accessories and supplies for stump cutters. The brand offers precision stump cutting teeth that are easily replaceable and rotatable in a variety of sizes and designs. This allows users to find the right teeth to match their stump grinders. Also offered is a complete range of stump grinding wheels and accessories for the most commonly used machines in the market. The company has announced that it is launching new products to offer more options and enhanced precision to cover more types of machines.

New Stump Grinder Teeth Sets

stump grinder teeth for sale

  • Extremely tough bodies
  • High impact grade carbide
  • High-performance teeth
  • Long life guaranteed

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Northern Arb Supplies has announced launching several new teeth sets which are compatible with a multitude of machines.  “We are releasing new stump teeth, wheels and Praxis across different sizes. This will help us provide solutions to a larger customer base,”.

The list of new stump grinder teeth includes Straight XL Super Teeth Counter Bore, Right Hand XL Super Teeth, Left Hand XL Super Teeth, and Straight XL Super Teeth Threaded. All its cutters are made of high-impact grade carbide. The vacuum brazed treatment further helps in increasing the accessories’ lifespan and performance.

Praxis Quadrablade Teeth Set

stump grinder teeth for sale

  • Manufactured to the highest standard
  • 4 parts to make up a complete cutter wheel for your stump grinder
  • Fits the following models: US Praxis 130, 90, 50, 60, 240, Toro SGR 13, 6.5, various Vermeer Models and more

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The new Quadrablade Teeth Set is an important release. it’s is compatible with US Praxis and Toro SGR stump grinders and can also be used with certain Vermeer machines. This is a complete set of four blades that create the complete cutter wheel for your machine. It is designed for a precision fit with Praxis 50, 60, 90, 130 and 240 models.

Northern Arb Supplies is also releasing different sizes and designs of round teeth holders for both left and right hands. A series of heavy-duty threaded pockets for finger teeth will also be available for different stump grinders.

The Rotatech Advantage

When you choose our stump grinder accessories, you are getting access to precision alignment and superior wheel balance and cutting. The pockets feature locating pin system for proper placement on the wheel. The design and build quality also ensures optimal cutting efficiency.

stump grinder teeth for sale

Stump grinder teeth for sale online

The unique design of the pocket helps in protecting cutting wheel. This feature along with the heavy-duty carbide construction means enhanced life. There are many more advantages of choosing the high-impact accessories from the brand.

Super smooth cutting is achieved due to the high tolerance levels, and ensures that there is lesser stress on the cutter frame. This will further help in reducing the maintenance needs for different components. Thus, with the new launch of components, there are more options and more benefits for users in the UK.

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