Introducing The MS 150 Chain by Rotatech 

The wait is over and the new Stihl MS 150 Chain by Rotatech is now available. MS150 is one of the most popular ultra-lightweight chainsaws available on the market today. Thousands of tree surgeons use it to cut and shape trees daily and consider it a reliable tool.

It is great for arborists because it’s light and easy to handle, which reduces user fatigue. The chainsaw is also easier to manoeuvre and perfect for everyday professional use. All Stihl chainsaws are designed for long-term use and can last for several years with proper maintenance. However, some components of the chainsaw are more vulnerable to wear and tear than others. One of these components is the chain, which experiences excessive friction and heat with every operation.

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Stihl MS 150
Save up 50% on Chainsaw Chains.

High-Quality Rotatech Chains to Fit Stihl MS150

While original chainsaw chains that come with the machine are durable and will last for a while with maintenance, they eventually need to be replaced. Unfortunately, this replacement can be expensive as high-quality chains from leading brands are quite pricey. Most arborists are forced to pay the high price or settle for a low-quality and low-priced alternative. But what if you could get a good-quality chain at an affordable price? That’s exactly what Rotatech offers.

Rotatech is a quality-focused brand that uses the latest manufacturing techniques and great raw materials to produce a wide range of chainsaw accessories and products. Thousands of arborists and tree cutting professionals have tried Rotatech products in real life conditions and trust the quality. The combination of durability, performance, and price makes Rotatech products a great alternative to other expensive brands.

The Latest Launch

Rotatech recently introduced the chain designed to fit the Stihl MS150. Rotatech has worked with experienced and skilled American engineers and used developments in the steel manufacturing industry to create chainsaw chains that aren’t just affordable, but also of great quality. Some Rotatech chains are nearly 66% more affordable than the products available in the market.

The Rotatech Stihl MS150 chain starts from only £5.98 which is remarkably affordable. Users commonly have to replace lower cost chains often, which only increases their expenses over time, but that’s not the case with Rotatech chains. The chain will last just as long as an expensive branded product under normal working conditions and with regular maintenance.

Stihl MS 150 Chain by Rotatech
Save up to 50% on Chainsaw Chains

The new chain is semi-chisel chain with a 1/4” pitch and a 1.1mm gauge. It’s 100% pre-stretched so it doesn’t require much maintenance or preparation before use. It is also made from blued steel of the highest quality and doesn’t experience much wear and tear. The material also offers superior corrosion resistance, which ensures it can withstand day-to-day operations and different environmental conditions well. Rotatech sells over 100,000 chains every year; this showcases the trust professionals have in this brand.

These blades are the best I’ve ever used.

We’ve had chains for a while and have now invested in a bar. I have to say that so far they are fantastic, the chains keep a great edge and the quality of both bar and chains is as good as it comes.

100% Money Back Guarantee

Rotatech provides 100% money back guarantee to customers who are disappointed with the product. Rotatech is the right choice if you’re looking for affordable chains and bars from a reliable company. The brand also provides a wide range of other chainsaw accessories including sprockets, sharpening kits, chainsaw oil and more. The new Stihl MS 150 Chain by Rotatech is exclusively available to order online at Northern Arb Supplies. Click here to order online