Tree work is a physically tiring and time-consuming job. Most professionals are always on the lookout to find new ways to reduce the amount of time and effort involved without compromising the quality of their work. That’s why the Single-Rope Technique or SRT climbing has become extremely popular in recent years.

What is (SRT) Single Rope Tree Climbing?

This technique involves using a single, stationary rope for both ascending and descending the tree. This technique can trace its origin back to the 1930s Dent de Crolles cave system. The explorers were the first to use the prusik knot and mechanical ascenders. Climbing technology has come a long way since then and there are a number of specialist tools, ropes, and equipment pieces designed for SRT tree climbing.

Must-Have SRT Climbing Tools

Many stores offer a basic kit for SRT rope climbing but it’s always a good idea to keep track of all the items you might need to climb comfortably. Here’s a list of some of the most essential items:

1. Harnesses

SRT Harnesses

While most regular tree climbing harnesses will work with the SRT system, they won’t be as comfortable or secure as harnesses specifically designed for SRT. Harnesses like the Stein Cambo V5 chest harness will work easily with other SRT equipment. They work to support a climber’s chest and throat during the climb.

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2. Ascenders and Descenders

These are the most important aspects of an SRT rig as they allow you to scale a single rope quickly, easily, and without physically taxing yourself. Every rig should have a chest ascender, foot ascender, hand ascender, and a descender for easy movement. Ascenders and descenders from companies like Petzl and Stein have proven their performance and are very reliable.

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3. Karabiners

An SRT climbing kit should include at least seven karabiners. You need three locking karabiners, three non-locking ones, and one braking and non-locking karabiner. These pieces of equipment will connect different aspects of your rig together and improve its safety.

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4. Tethers


Tethers are the most important pieces of equipment in any SRT rope climbing kit. It provides a firm surface so climbers can push up to ascend the tree. These cords don’t stretch too much, which is what climbers need to have a secure footing. Without a tether, climbers will have no leverage to scale the tree and will struggle with the rope. These tethers are made from small cords and are attached to a wrench, which is another important aspect of an SRT kit.

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5. Cords and Ropes

The SRT rig includes many different kinds of cords and ropes. One of the most important cords is the prusik cord, which is a friction hitch tied around the climbing rope. You will also need a climbing rope and cords to attach equipment if needed. SRT ropes are designed to be resilient and bear regular climbing loads without becoming damaged or compromised.

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Tree Climbing Equipment at Northern Arb Supplies

Aside from these five essential items, professional tree climbers also require personal protective equipment including a pair of resilient gloves, safety gear such as climbing helmets, trousers and boots, and pulleys to move objects around. At Northern Arb Supplies, we provide a range of tree climbing equipment for tree professional.