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3 Reasons Why You Need a Spare Set of Chipper Blades

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Why it’s Essential To Own a Spare Set of Chipper Blades

For many professional tree surgeons and arborists, wood chipping is something that comes into play on a daily basis. Many experts spend thousands of pounds on wood chippers, so it’s just as important to also have high-quality blades to get the most out of your chipper. One of the most common mistakes some tree workers make is not having a spare set of blades. Yes, believe it or not, this does happen!

While most professionals are well equipped for the worst case scenario, others simply rely on a limited number of blades to help them tackle their day-to-day jobs. So, what happens if the blades break? Or if the one set you rely on doesn’t arrive in time after being sharpened? These are important questions worth considering. Here are some points worth thinking about;

1. Accidents Happen – Be Prepared

The reality of any mechanical product is that at one point anything can happen. While others are quick to blame the manufacturer, It’s also just as important that you have a spare set of blades for the worse case scenario. We often hear tree operators not being able to carry out work due to unexpected problems with their blades. And we fully appreciate there’s nothing more frustrating than missing out on work while waiting for a new set to arrive.

2. Chipper Blade Manufacturer Guarantees & Investigations

Whilst many suppliers might have a guarantee in place, the reality of this is once the blades are sent back, they have to be inspected and then the necessary steps have to be taken to clarify the cause of damage. The truth is this process can take a while before you can get an answer or a replacement. For many, such issues can have an impact on their business. To avoid being stranded, always ensure you have a set of back up blades. In other words, always be prepared.

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3. Chipper Blade Sharpening Can Take Time

You may have come across arb forums with tree workers complaining about not being able to carry out work due to the fact that the only set they own has been sent off for sharpening. Whilst the objective of any engineer or company is to get the blades back to the customer as soon as possible, it’s also important to take into consideration there are other external factors that might affect the specified turnaround. Holidays do exist! Weekends also exist and couriers can get it wrong sometimes. The point is, it’s best not to rely on one set of blades for all your work. The same principle applies to chainsaw related products such as chains and replacement sprockets. We all hate losing good business over issues that can be resolved, so it’s always best not to risk it!

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Back in 2002, Saturn Machine Knives / Northern Arb Supplies started manufacturing stump grinding teeth, blades and sawmills. From the outset, the goal was to remain focused on quality, so all products remained under strict quality control situations.

Based in Sheffield, a city known for the production of good quality steel, Northern Arb Supplies offer a wide range of stump grinding teeth, blades and sawmills. Whether you own a Timberwolf, Lindanna or Greenmech Chipper, you’re sure to find what you need via our online shop. You can also get your blades sharpened by booking a FREE collection online, click here to find out more.

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