It’s vital to comprehend the contrast between a standard chisel chain and a skip tooth chainsaw chain before purchasing. Obviously, the two chains have their own particular pro’s and con’s. Be that as it may, what precisely is the distinction between the two? Heres some useful information worth knowing.

Skip tooth chainsaw chain thoughts

“Skip sequence has every advantage over full comp. untill you get into small diameter cuts like 6″ and smaller. The problem is, with so few teeth in the wood at any one time the chain gets grabby and causes a high amount of vibration.” – Arborist Site

“Skip tooth chains are easier to sharpen if you have long bars cuts great” – Arborist Online

full chisel chain vs skip tooth chain

“If you have a big saw like 394 or 395 with big bar the saw usually has enough power to pull regular chain no problems. That’s my experience” – Arborist Online

Skip tooth chain reviews

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Skip tooth chain reviews

“The primary advantage to semi or full skip is when cutting larger logs. The wood chips are carried out between the cutter teeth and having more room for those chips in a larger log allows the teeth to continue cutting until they exit the log and dump the chips.

Skip tooth chain reviews

When the gap between teeth fill up the tooth really can’t do much more but vibrate and rattle. On smaller stuff regular chain will work better because the teeth exit and dump often enough not to need the extra spacing.” –  Arborist Site

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