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You may have heard about Rotatech Chainsaw Chains, but want to know more before you part with the pennies? They are professional, high-quality, chains for a low cost… but of course we would say that. So don’t listen to us, listen to our valued customers. Here are just some Rotatech reviews from Amazon, Facebook, YouTube and professional journals.

Amazon Rotatech Reviews

We have thousands of listings on Amazon and most of our customers have given us the top rating, 5 stars.

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Like a knife through butter these are amazing chains for all cutting” said one Amazon customer. Below are more reviews:

Rotatech Reviews from Amazon

Facebook Rotatech Reviews

We are the most ‘liked’ Arborist shop on Facebook and the owners of the Rotatech brand. Here are some of our 5* comments:

Rotatech Reviews from Facebook

Professional Rotatech Reviews

Rotatech chains have been independently reviewed by Living Woods Magazine and Forestry Journal, click on the links to read the full review.

“I’ve since done a lot of felling with the Rotatech chain and I haven’t found fault with it yet. I cuts well, sharpens easily and it’s even good when boring big trees. I haven’t had to tighten it more often than any other chain and it holds it’s edge even when felling big European larch on which is a fairly sandy site. In short, I like it, and my opinion is shared by a couple of other very experienced sceptics I know.

I didn’t want to like this chain. I’m happy with what I’ve been using for all these years and I’ve learnt to get around the little foibles associated with Oregon, Stihl and Husqvarna, but this has thrown me somewhat. I can’t honestly find anything wrong with Rotatech chain. It would be damning it with faint praise to say it’s OK at the price, because it is as good, maybe even better, than the other brands.”

-Dick White, Living Woods Magazine

“From new, the chain kept its edge well, even though it had to contend with logging-up some very muddy ash which had been lying in a field for several months waiting for the ground to dry enough to allow it to be moved.”

-Simon Bowes Forestry Journal

Rotatech Reviews On Youtube

We have filmed a local Tree Surgeon reviewing the chains, a customer raced the Rotatech Chain vs the leading brand, and a professional has made an independent review for us. You can view our channel here.
See the videos below:

John, a local Tree Surgeon we filmed reviewing the chain:

Rotatech vs Leading Brand:

Independent detailed video review:

A customer sawing logs:

We hope we’ve managed to convince you to at least try the Rotatech brand. You can order the chains by going to this page on our website or calling 0114 278 9090.

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  1. Russell price 2 years ago

    Bought these chains and I’m impressed with the way they cut and last I ordered ur chains on Amazon but can’t get more comes up out of stock

  2. Kirk Maskell 2 years ago

    It seems to be a nice chain same as origan half way though the chain now and it’s as if some has taken a file to the depth gauges and it’s a bit graby now , we I’ll try a few more to get a proper review for you but that is my first thoughts , I’ve been felling trees for 30 years now and new products are always good to try and most important give you guys feed back

    Many thanks

  3. Aldo roy 2 years ago

    Fantastic chains
    I cut a lot on the railway
    And the trees are often
    Full or crap. Wire,bolts,pandrels
    Ect ect

  4. […] Russell price on Rotatech Chainsaw Chain Reviews […]

  5. […] Russell price on Rotatech Chainsaw Chain Reviews […]

  6. […] Russell price on Rotatech Chainsaw Chain Reviews […]

  7. […] Russell price on Rotatech Chainsaw Chain Reviews […]

  8. […] The new chain is semi chisel with a 1/4” pitch and a 1.1mm gauge. It’s 100% pre-stretched so it doesn’t require that much maintenance or preparation before use. It is also made from blued steel of the highest quality and doesn’t experience much wear and tear. The material also offers superior corrosion resistance, which ensures it can withstand day-to-day operations and different environmental conditions well. Rotatech sells over 100,000 chains every year; this showcases the trust professionals have in this brand. […]

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