Wood Chipper Blades

Today, thousands of professionals in the arb and forestry industry use wood chippers in their work. Chippers are also commonly used in regions where it’s illegal to dispose of any garden waste by open burning or landfill dumping. For anyone using these machines, it’s imperative to understand the importance of maintaining them. In this article, we cover key subjects such as: Why it’s important to keep your blades sharp, Rotatech chipper blade reviews, and knowing when to sharpen your blades and more.

How Important is it to have a Sharp Blade for your Chipper?

Chippers possess massive horsepower and when you look at these tools and their equally powerful blades, it’s not difficult to think they are indestructible. While Greenmech Chippers and others alike are amazingly tough, they do see wear and tear over time. The extreme duties they perform eventually take their toll and we shouldn’t forget that they are machines that need regular maintenance and care. If you want your chipper to perform in the manner in which it was designed, you need to carry out regular maintenance on it.

Rotatech Blades for all Wood Chippers

Over the years we’ve supplied high-quality chipper blades and disks to thousands of professionals in the UK and beyond. All Rotatech blades are engineered to the manufactures specification and are guaranteed for life. Yes, guaranteed for life! We also offer products for the following wood chippers;

Rotatech chipper blades for TimberwolfRotatech chipper blades for Jensen

Rotatech chipper blades for LindanaRotatech chipper blades for Greenmech

Rotatech Chipper Blade Reviews

“I ran a few sets of Rotatech in an entec 125 (same machine) and didn’t have any issues. Have also ran them in a Jensen A540 for nearly 3 years with no problems so far either.” – ArbTalk

“Have made 5 or 6 orders in the past 6 months both personal and for work. Always been a great service and I really rate the Rotatech chains and chipper blades! Had one issue with an item, but it was resolved quickly.” – Steve

“We have been using Rotatech blades for over 6 years now. We operate a large company in Chesterfield and we cannot afford unforeseen downtime. Our fleet of Timberwolf and Jensen machines perform to their optimum output using Saturn Machine Knives blades.” – Bob

“Very good reliable service, best chains and blades for both chainsaw and chipper I’ve ever used. Without good blades and chains, the job is twice as hard so credit where it’s due. Good quality and good customer service.” – Corey

“Saturn Machine Knives supply our company with aftermarket blades and also provide a competitive regrind service, we are happy to use Saturn for all our consumables.” – Dave

Rotatech Blades vs Manufactures – What’s the Difference

  • We are not just blade manufactures, we are knife experts!
  • Our chipper blades are manufactured to fit the exact specifications of your wood chipper and for around half the cost of other brands.
  • Rotatech blades are durable, sharper and wider than most blades on the market, which is why they cut faster and last longer.
  • Unlike other manufacturers, Rotatech blades include a lifetime guarantee, meaning if you incur any problems, we will replace your blades free of charge.

Things worth knowing about all Rotatech Blades

– Steel specification certified according to industry standard ISO 9001.
– Heat Treatment specified to industry standard ISO 9000. Vacuum hardened and Double Tempered for maximum wear life and Toughness.
– Technology machining process developed to eliminate steel stresses and weak points fracture.
– Full material tractability to standard ISO 9001.
– Boxed in sets for safe transportation.
– Guaranteed for the duration of the knives working life.
– Member of the “Made in Sheffield” brand. A symbol of our ongoing commitment to quality and excellence.

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Maintaining your Chipper Blades

This is one of the most important aspects of chipper maintenance. A chipper is essentially a cutting device, and that means it has to be sharp enough to work properly. If it doesn’t cut properly, it can throw a number of other problems that don’t seem to be related at first glance. For example, it may not pull in the material in the manner it should which can affect the performance of the machine as everything else has to work much harder. Even if you use the best and the latest chippers, if the blades aren’t sharp, they can easily be outperformed by smaller and older yet sharper units.

When to Sharpen your Chipper Blades

Typically, chipper blades will require sharpening after every 50 hours of use. However, there is no thumb rule as to exactly when you need to sharpen your blades, as this can depend on a number of factors. Here are some things to consider:

  • Blunt or dull blades are a sign your blades need to be sharpened.
  • Dry and hard timber will wear the blades out much faster than any soft wood.
  • Constantly chipping large timber trunks speeds up the wear process.
  • The blades may wear out by the dirt and rock which gets accumulated on them, or when they come into contact with it while it’s in use. This happens when the debris and dirt settle on the wood.


In conclusion, it’s crucial to use high-quality chipper blades, but it’s equally important to ensure they are sharpened at the right intervals. Here at Northern Arb Supplies, we are dedicated to helping all professionals within arboriculture. Whether you are after advice or products, we can help. For more information regarding chipper blades and their maintenance, feel free to browse the Northern Arb Supplies website.