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Rigging Equipment For Tree Professionals

Tree Rigging Equipment

For most arborists and tree surgeons, rigging equipment includes karabiners, rigging plates, ropes, pulleys, slings, winches and much more! This equipment is used by thousands of professionals to safely remove and dismantle trees and is imperative to ensuring that day-to-day arborist duties are completed correctly and efficiently.

As tree work can be extremely dangerous, all serious arborists should own the best lowering and rigging equipment to avoid serious injuries and taking unnecessary risks. It is also crucial to regularly check and replace any damaged equipment without delay.

Additionally, possessing the correct equipment allows users to gain the advantage of maximizing their work quality and ensure that the job is done properly and to the highest standard.

9 Pieces of Essential Tree Rigging Equipment

1. Rigging Karabiners

Rigging Equipment

Rigging karabiners are fully reversible, easy to use and secure metal shackles. They remain in place to ensure safety is provided to tree climbers, and are commonly connected to two different components or rigging ropes.

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2. Rigging Plates

Rigging Equipment

Rigging plates ensure all ropes are kept well organised and are easily accessible to arborists when climbing. These plates act as an anchor point to manage the pulley system and provide a tensioning anchor when required.

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3. Rigging Ropes

Rigging Equipment

Ropes are essential rigging supplies that arborists cannot work without. They are designed to be wear resistant, carry heavy loads and provide excellent grip. Arborists trust these ropes with their entire weight on a daily basis which is why it is crucial to use high-quality rigging ropes.

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4. Rigging Winches

Rigging Equipment

Rigging winches make an arborist’s job quicker and easier to complete by allowing heavy loads to go up and down trees in a controlled manner. They can be portable and automated, or mechanical, which requires manual operating.

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5. Rigging Devices

Rigging Equipment

Rigging devices help arborists to climb trees safely and efficiently. They are part of the rigging system and work together with different components. Designed to bear vast amounts of heavy objects, these devices are well known for their quality and ability to withstand real-life conditions.

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6. Rigging Pulleys

Rigging Equipment

Pulleys help to make lifting heavy loads up and down trees a much more efficient process for tree climbers. The purpose of a rigging pulley is to move the rope smoothly and with control, meaning arborists don’t have to apply extra effort to complete the task. Rigging pulleys are available in sizes 13mm-16mm and 16mm-20mm.

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7. Multi-Slings

Rigging Equipment

Also known as dead-eye slings, multi-slings have a large eye at the end of the rope, applicable to hitching the sling onto the rigging system. Available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses as well as different load-bearing amplitudes.

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8. Whoopie-Slings

Rigging Equipment

Whoopie-slings are specially designed for knotless rigging, with one of the eyes fixed in place while the other eye is adjustable. The core of the sling becomes dense when the rope is passed through and the load is added making it highly secure. These slings provide great ease for arborists and can also be set up to the rigging system quickly.

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9. Lifting Slings

Rigging Equipment

Designed using high-quality and resilient polyester material, lifting slings are used to lift heavy loads safely and transport them with ease. The Polyester absorbs shock during the loading process and ensures the items loaded are stable and secure. Lifting slings are available in sizes 50cm-80cm

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Essential Rope and Rigging Hardware at Northern Arb Supplies

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