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Petzl ZigZag Review by Arborists & Tree Surgeons

The Petzl ZigZag is one of the most talked about pieces of climbing equipment on the market today. With 1000’s of professionals using the ascender, it’s clear there’s something special about this product. Before buying the Petzl ZigZag there are many things to consider. On the surface, the kit appears costly. However, many tree professionals suggest this product is worth the price. Below are a few Petzl ZigZag reviews by arborists and tree surgeons.

Petzl ZigZag Reviews on Facebook

“I’m a climber, in my 35th year on a rope. Now, 52yrs old and an avid Prussik lover. As I’ve got older, I’ve looked to make my climbs easier. I’ve now been using the zigzag for two years and love it. It’s so smooth, half the friction of a Prussik. I also use the zillion on my lanyard. As an old boy, this has really helped my joints being so smooth, and still keeping up with most boys half my age. Great bit of kit.”

“I use it with yale limelight 11.5mm and with a right foot ascender! Absolute effortless climbing”

“Best thing to happen to arb since the art rope guide. Put them together and magic things happen.”

Petzl ZigZag Reviews on facebook“I’m regretting my next climb without one. Mike splashed out and got the mini side strop one too, well nice”

“Very fun when used as you would set up a floating rig with a hitch climber but with the zigzag instead!”

Petzl Zigzag review

“My spider jack 2.1 sits in my bag while my zigzag sits on my velocity. Two words. Worth IT!”

“I love mine. The only thing I would change would be to offer different colours.”

Petzl ZigZag Review on facebook

“It’s great unless you are climbing on it without a cambium saver and it’s winter. Wish Petzl would make a version that accepted a 13 mm rope. 11,5 is too hard to grip with gloves on in winter .”

“53, still climbing most days and I agree the Zig Zag and the Zillon are exceptional pieces of kit, love em!”

“I’m 52 and 15 stone, on 11mm rope, once you’re used to it, it’s great, won’t go back now.”

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Petzl ZigZag Forum Reviews

“Zig zag is awesome even without a rope wrench on it, very smooth and positive feel to it, no creeping and often self-tends. Never ran a spider jack.” – TreeBuzz Forum

“ZigZag has amazing control and super smooth in both directions. If this is your first mechanical hitch just be aware of it. They are easy to keep safe but you do want to make sure you don’t cross-load them. Stop short of that branch and then get above it, don’t stop next to it.” – TreeBuzz ForumPetzl ZigZag Review

Is the Petzl ZigZag Worth it?

The truth is there is no right and wrong answer to this. Depending on what you find comfortable working with, your thoughts might be different. However, from the reviews above it’s clear the Petzl ZigZag is a game changer for many tree professionals. While the market offers a wide range of alternatives, the ZigZag is by far one of the most popular climbing items on the market.

In conclusion, here are some pros and cons worth considering. We would also appreciate your thoughts on this product, please feel free to comment and share your opinions.

The Pro’s & Cons


  • Good all-round review
  • Makes Tree Climbing Easy
  • Half the friction of a Prussik
  • Smooth on Ropes


  • Expensive in comparison to other alternatives
  • Can take a while to set up
  • Only designed for specific Ropes and sizes
  • Only Available in one colour
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  1. Tibor Pozbai 1 year ago

    If you try the zigzag you will forget the prusiks forever. Smooth and easier on your body.
    Just keep it clean after a dirty rainy day… WD 40 and toothbrush my solution.

  2. Carl Sambrook 1 year ago

    Very good piece of kit. Great self tending on 11.5 sterling scion, only downsides for me is the built in swivel on mine doesn’t really work when weight applied, ropes still twist now and again. Tried cleaning etc
    And it is expensive for what it is, the price around 140 it should come with a couple of petzl OK carabiners imo

  3. Stephen Pill 10 months ago

    I’ve used a Zigzag for a year with Yale Bluetongue and been very happy with it. Except that Petzl UK gave a wholly unsatisfactory response to the question “How would you recommend bringing together to a single attachment point on a floating bridge both a ZZ and a second climbing line (which may incorporate either a second ZZ or a friction hitch)?”. Their answer: “We don’t know – you’re on your own” is rubbish, especially when the hitchclimber setup is so well worked out for this (second TIP) application.

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