When Your Safety Matters- Opt For a Petzl Helmet

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High quality Petzl safety helmets

The Petzl helmet is one of the most important items needed by arborist and any other professionals providing tree services. Any individual climbing or working at heights should wear a climbing helmet as they face potential injury not just from above, but from the sides too. And it’s crucial to use certified products like high quality Petzl safety helmets.

These are specially engineered to provide full protection to the head. They are also designed to stay in place in case the wearer suffers a fall, and they also have adjustable chin straps and suspension. Without these, the helmet would just be useless in the trees, if it simply falls off when an incident occurs.

In addition to the safety benefits that a Petzl helmet can offer, it is also far more comfortable and can mount most types of hearing protection, eye shields and face shields, which enhances the convenience and safety aspects.

Popular Petzl tree climbing helmets

1. Petzl Vertex Helmet

petzl vertex

This is a very popular choice with those who work at heights. It has two adjustment knobs and the new and innovative Centrefit adjustment system that ensures stability and a good fit as it centres the head within the shell. These helmets are also compatible with the clear plastic Petzl Vizr, Peltor wire mesh visor, and Peltor ear muffs. The vent holes on Vertex 2 Vent models also have shutters that help adjust air flow; and they provide shock absorption through deformation of the helmet’s outer shell.

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2. Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet

Petzl Alveo Vent Helmet

This is one of the most lightweight Petzl Safety Helmet. It fits much closer to the skull compared to the Vertex which also makes it more stable and far less noticeable. This too has the Centerfit adjustment system which offers stability and optimal fit. It’s a closed-top variant of the Alveo model and ideal for tree services in cold or rainy weather;  one size fits most.

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Petzl Helmet Reviews & Feedback – Social Media

Below is a collection of Petzl helmet reviews and feedback from tree surgeons and arborists.

“I had a vertex, and I was happy enough with it. Then I changed to a Kask, and now when I accidentally grabbed my Petzl from the van I thought I had it on backwards or something it fit so badly.”

Buy a helmet made by a helmet company and you’ll get much higher comfort. And it’s not even more expensive than Petzls buckets.

“Vertex is awesome I have only used them for 5 yrs now love love them”

“I’ve got the vented one works great”

“Everyone at work wears the vent. I like my kask HP more”

“Tick the right boxes ! As long as u can attach husky earphones and visor to them”

Petzl Helmet Reviews

Buy your helmet with confidence

Here at Northern Arb Supplies we have a wide range of climbing helmets by well-known brands such as Petzl. These products are specially designed for arborists and tree surgeons and the helmets are available in a variety of sizes, colours and models; so you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.

Safety is never something you can ignore or take for granted when you are working at heights; and every arborist or tree services technician should make personal safety their topmost concern when they are on the job. Feel free to browse our site and look for a Petzl Meteor 3 Helmet or Petzl Hard Hat to suit your requirements.

High- Quality Petzl Helmets for Climbing

As you can see, not only is it crucial to have high-quality climbing helmet, but it’s equally important to have the other needed accessories like muffs and meshes to go with them. For any information regarding any tree climbing helmet we have, please visit the Northern Arb Supplies website. What do you think about the Petzl helmet? share your thoughts below.

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  1. Michael 10 months ago

    I have had the vent for years. Recently I bought the vertex best for energised environments.
    Can you please advise why they are not compliant to AS (I think it might be 1801)?

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