Petzl Harness Choices – Everything You Need To Know

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Petzl is one of the most recognised and respected brands amongst the professional tree climbing community. The brand is known for producing well-designed and sturdy equipment that can withstand all kinds of climbing conditions. Petzl creates a wide range of products for both professional and leisurely climbers, which means their products are extremely diverse. The Petzl Harness is one of the brands most popular products.

Not all climbing gear is the same which is why you need different equipment for different activities. It’s difficult to comfortably use a mountain climber’s harness for tree climbing, especially if you’re a professional and require the equipment every day. Tree climbing harnesses are specifically designed for arborists and tree surgeons. They are comfortable and closely fitted which enables climbers to access hard-to-reach areas. The harnesses are also designed to carry different accessories and equipment that a professional tree surgeon might need on the job.

Types of Petzl Harnesses

Petzl offers three different types of harnesses and each category consists of products of different designs. This means there are many options for arborists to choose from to create a customized kit. Here’s a look at the categories:

1. Petzl Harnesses for Arborists & Tree Surgeons

Petzl provides harnesses for different kinds of climbing requirements. The tree climbing harness is one of these products. They are built for comfort and incorporate a semi-rigid construction, foam leg loops, and fast buckles for easy adjustment. These harnesses also have a balanced weight distribution and an innovative design for better positioning.

They are able to endure different weather conditions and are designed to last.  This equipment is made from polyester, nylon, polyethylene, steel, and aluminum, which means the construction is solid. The harnesses can easily carry the load of the climber and their equipment and are designed with safety in mind, including CE EN 358, CE EN 813 certification. The most popular products in this category include:

  • Sequoia Tree Care Seat Harness
  • Sequoia SRT Tree Care Seat Harness
  • Falcon Lightweight Seat Harness
  • Falcon Ascent Lightweight Seat Harness

Petzl Harness

Browse Petzl Tree Climbing Harnesses

2. Full Body Petzl Harness

A full-body harness is one of the most important aspects of a fall-arrest system. It wraps around the body, circling the chest, back, waist, hips, and thighs, which ensures the weight is distributed evenly when climbing. This is especially relevant during a fall; instead of the force being concentrated on the waist, hips, and legs, it is channelled through the entire body harness. The design improves comfort and is better at arresting momentum.

It also ensures the falling climber remains in an upright position during the fall, which reduces the risk of injuries. If you want a safe, secure, but comfortable harness, the full body Petzl harness is a good option for you.

These harnesses are designed for maximum comfort and flexibility, allowing climbers to access difficult to reach areas. The harnesses are semi-rigid, have wide belts for the waist and legs, and foam shoulder straps that are spaced out comfortably. The construction ensures you don’t experience any neck chafing and all the equipment load is distributed evenly. Some of the most popular full-body Petzl harnesses are:

  • Astro Bod Fast Harness
  • Avao Bod Fall Arrest and Work Positioning Harness
  • Avao Bod Fast Fall Arrest and Work Positioning Harness
  • Newton Fall Arrest Harness

Petzl Harness

Browse Full Body Petzl Harnesses

3. Fall Arrest Petzl Harness

Tree climbing is a risky affair and even the most experienced climbers can slip sometimes. A fall from any height can cause injuries, and some of these injuries can even be fatal. Fall arrest harnesses are specifically designed to arrest momentum and stop the fall entirely. This ensures the climber doesn’t come into contact with the ground and sustain injuries. This system is for a climber that is already falling, which makes it different from fall restraint systems.

Fall arrest harnesses are flexible and allow tree climbers to reach difficult areas because of their compact nature. With the right training and good practice, this harness and the arrest system can keep climbers safe on every climb. Petzl offers a high-quality range of lightweight fall arrest harnesses that are comfortable to wear throughout the day, as closely-fitted as they can be without compromising flexibility.

Resilient materials including nylon, polyester, steel and aluminium have gone into designing these high-performance harnesses, meaning they can withstand all weather conditions. They’re easy to use, colour-coded, and designed to fit in seamlessly in all kinds of fall arrest systems. Petzl’s popular products in this category include:

  • Newton
  • Newton Easy-Fit
  • Newton Hi-Viz (brightly coloured for better visibility)
  • Fall-arrest and work positioning harnesses that serve a dual purpose

Petzl Harness

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Buying a Petzl Harness Online

If you want to find out more about Petzl harnesses or have any queries, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us at Northern Arb Supplies and our experts can recommend the best options for you. Alternatively, you can share your thoughts below or browse our full range of Petzl harnesses for professionals.

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