machete for sale UK

Machete For Sale UK – A Buying Guide For Professionals

Machete For Sale UK

Machete for sale UK is a commonly-searched term for many landscapers and gardeners looking for high-quality machetes. But what do professionals need to know before buying?

Machetes are extremely versatile tools and are widely used in general maintenance and chopping. Tree service companies also use this tool for pruning shrubs and plants and to clear woody vegetation. Whether you want to remove side branches from the main trunk of a tree or need to trim small bushes in a landscape, a machete will ensure you are able to complete your task. If you are looking for a machete for sale, here is a quick buying guide from the experts at Northern Arb Supplies that will help you make a more well-informed choice:

Buying Guide

The different aspects you need to take into consideration when choosing a machete are:

1. Blade Style 

The style of the blade varies considerably depending on its use. Preferences for any one style over another are pretty subjective and based largely on experience and tradition. Some of the most popular styles of machetes are:

  • Bush / latin-style machetes
  • Billhooks
  • Bolo machetes
  • Kukri
  • parang machetes
  • Cane machetes

Machete For Sale UK

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2. Blade Length

Typically, machetes range from 10” – 28”, with 18” being the commonest length. A smaller blade will have less reach but will be more portable, whereas a long blade is more difficult to transport however is effective in clearing larger areas in a shorter timeframe.

3. Material

A machete is differentiated mainly by the material used to make the blade. Carbon steel and stainless steel are the most popular materials in a good brand for a machete.

4. Tang

The machete tang is the section of the blade that extends right into the grip and is the connecting point between the blade and the handle.

For slicing and chopping implements swung with a significant amount of force, it is crucial to ensure that the machete blade has a full tang which extends up to the end of its handle and is firmly riveted in place.

5. Handle material and style

A machete handle can come in numerous sizes, materials and shapes, and is generally proportionate to the blade itself. It’s important that the style of the handle matches the specific function it is built for.

The best machetes

We at Northern Arb Supplies have a wide range of machetes to choose from, such as :

Corona Machette 18Corona Machette 22 and the Corona Machete 22″ Scabbard in different styles and models. All these implements are specifically designed for multi-functional use. Every piece is also manufactured to the highest standard.

machete for sale UK

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Machete For Sale UK – Northern Arb Supplies

Our selection of machetes are fitted with steel blades to provide greater strength and longevity. The pieces have anti-slip handles which make them the perfect tool for slicing weeds, trimming bushes, making pathways and harvesting crops.

Regardless of whether you want to add this tool to your home tool kit or need it for large-scale landscaping or tree services jobs, for the best machete for sale UK, you need look no further simply browse our full range online and take your pick. For any information, feel free to browse the Northern Arb Supplies website.

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