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Logging Equipment For Tree Professionals

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Professional Logging Equipment

Thousands of professionals in arboriculture use logging equipment to carry out day to day logging tasks. Forestry workers and arborist benefit from logging wood in many ways, including profiting from plywood, lumber, pulp, and firewood. Each wood use has its own value and requires cutting specifications such as length, diameter, and defect, meaning skill and precision are vital with each cut.

The process of logging involves cutting, skidding, and processing logs or trees. Professionals start by felling and delimbing trees before topping them at the stump. The delimbed tree is then ‘bucked’ – cut into logs, before being loaded onto the back of the truck. These logs are then transported to a sawmill or lumber yard for debarking, sorting, trimming and drying, prior to finally being placed on the market and sold.

For any forestry worker, using the correct logging equipment is key. It makes the physically demanding task of logging significantly easier and less time-consuming. At Northern Arb Supplies, we supply a range of high-quality logging and forestry equipment, including:

Logging Chain For Cutting Stumps

Logging Equipment Includes Chains To Cut Tree Stumps

A chainsaw is essential throughout the log cutting procedure. It is used at the beginning of the operation to cut the tree. When the felling is complete, the saw is then re-used to buck the log into smaller parts for wood processing.

It is imperative to use a high-quality chainsaw with sharp, tough chainsaw chains that are guaranteed to keep you cutting. Rotatech is a trusted brand in the arb industry and supplied over 100,000 chains to professionals in 2017.

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Log Holder For Transporting Logs

Log Trolley Is Essential Logging Equipment For Transporting Logs

A log trolley on wheels is an extremely beneficial piece of equipment. It can save forestry workers masses of time and energy when transporting large logs in their numbers. Impressively, they can carry up to 500kg in weight and can do the job of five men!

Log carriers are designed with heavy-duty wheels and a strong steel frame for durability when carrying heavy loads day to day.

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Logging Axes vs Mauls – What’s The Difference?

Splitting Axe & Maul logging equipment is used to split logs.

  • Felling Axe – A felling axe is used to cut through wood fibres, normally on larger trees in combination with a chainsaw to complete the job of felling the tree.
  • Splitting Axe – A log splitting axe is used to split wood fibres apart. This axe is designed with a sharper head and is the lightest of the three to allow you to continue chopping, making it the best axe for splitting wood.
  • Splitting Maul – A log splitting maul is designed with a blunt edge which functions in a similar way to a sledgehammer. The maul is heavier than the axe and splits wood fibres through sheer force.

It is important to have the best logging tools for the task at hand. Utilising both axes and mauls allows the logger to maximize their work quality and complete their work more efficiently.

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Logging Hatchet For Splitting Wood

Hatchet Logging Equipment For Splitting Wood

A logging hatchet acts as a small, single-handed axe to split wood fibres and cut small branches. It has a sharp head on one side for chopping and a hammerhead on the reverse for striking. This piece of equipment allows you to carry out the job in tighter areas where a double-handed axe is too large. It also requires less effort when chopping in comparison to a larger axe.

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Felling Wedges For Tree Precision Felling

Tree Felling Wedge Logging Equipment

Felling wedges are a must-have item in your logging gear range. It provides reliable guidance helping you achieve easy, accurate tree felling. Before the felling is complete, the wedge is inserted using an axe to ensure that the tree falls in the direction of the notch. Tree felling wedges are usually used on medium to large trees, and depending on the size, multiple wedges can be required.

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Log Pick Tool To Direct Wood With Ease

An easy to use hand tool for logging. The purpose of a log pick is to make the job at hand easier for the logger. Designed with a high-quality ergonomic, non-slip aluminium handle, the log pick allows the user to manoeuvre and position firewood and small logs without effort. Whilst the front of the pick is sharp, the back end is used to dig notches to provide a quality grip on frozen wood.

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Log Splitter – An Alternative Solution For Splitting Wood

Log splitters are designed for automatic and manual wood splitting operations. They can be hydraulic, electric, petrol, or manual powered machines. The below video best demonstrates how the splitter functions.

Before purchasing a log splitter, it’s worth finding out all the information you need such as the format, type of wood, capacity and which type could best suit you.

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Logging Equipment At Northern Arb Supplies

At Northern Arb Supplies, we supply a wide range of logging gear, perfect for forestry workers and arborists who’s work involves logging. Please feel free to browse our full range of forestry equipment.

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