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Hedge Cutting Ladders – An Informal and Useful Guide

hedge cutting ladders

What are The Best Hedge Cutting Ladders?

Hedge cutting ladders sometimes referred to as Tripod ladders are considered to be one of the best ladders on the market for landscaping work. Whether you are a tree surgeon or landscaper, there are many benefits as to why you might want to consider tripod ladders. Today, the ladders are widely used in the tree services industry by thousands of professionals. This is an imperative piece of equipment that is extremely functional when it comes to carrying out various tree-related tasks. Here’s more information on hedge cutting ladders.

The Basics Of Hedge Ladders 

  • Typically, tripod ladders range from 1.2m – 4.8m in size.
  • Tripod Ladders are outlined with flared bases and have a tripod shaft; this post gives the required help on unevenand delicate ground.
  • They by and large don’t have locking components or a spreader bar, however, a few ladders may have chains that connect the front and back legs.
  • These ladders have completely flexible legs; which takes into consideration an agreeable and safe working position.
  • All together for tripod ladders to stay stable, the side rails, and in addition the tripod shaft, must infiltrate the ground marginally.
  • The tripod configuration helps drive the weight down and outwards, making the ladders exceptionally steady and safe. This enables you to get to various types of spaces, for example, steps, slants, walls, banks and ditches.

Recommended Hedge Trimming Ladders

For hedging, topiary, orchards, pruning and hedge trimming

When undertaking any hedge trimming tasks safety is important. We often hear of hedge trimming accidents due to the ignorance of safety. On the off chance that you are really thinking about wellbeing when pruning or hedge cutting, at that point you certainly need to consider tripod ladders. In saying that, there are numerous different alternatives accessible, for example, platform ladders for hedge cutting. Here are a few indications as for why tripod ladders standout amongst other hedge cutting ladders;

Hedge Cutting Ladders
Hedge Cutting Ladders by Northern Arb Supplies

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  • Stable Tripod Design – For maximum support, tripod ladders are designed to offer greater stability in comparison to other ladders.
  • Lightweight and Weatherproof – While many ladders rust over time, this range of hedge trimming ladders are waterproof and can be easily moved around due to the lightweight feature.
  • Up to 9’ Safe Standing Height – Whether you are undertaking a big or small job, you’re sure to perform your task efficiently with these ladders.
  • Optional Rubber Feet for hard surfaces – Whether the given surface is concrete, soil or grass, most tripod ladders come with optional rubber feet for all surfaces.
  • Perfect for Cutting Tall Hedges – If you are a commercial landscaper or gardener,  these ladders are also ideal for cutting long Hedges.
  • Adjustable 3rd Leg for Slopes and Steps  – Unlike other 2 -legged ladders, tripod ladders have 3 legs which can be adjusted on slopes and steps while maintaining a levelled platform.

A lightweight ladder for a general gardener

For many, lightweight ladders can be beneficial in many ways, especially if you carry out gardening work on a regular basis. Here’s a selection to consider;

GMF Standard Tripod Ladders  

The GMF range includes lightweight standard tripod ladders that have an awesome all round performance. The light ladders take into account simple transportation on location when you require it most. Mauled feet likewise delve into the ground for expanded soundness.

From £97.99 EXC vat with FREE Delivery –

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Hedge cutting ladders
Hedge cutting ladders by Northern Arb Supplies

Heavy duty Ladders for Professional Landscapers

If you are a professional landscaper or gardener it’s is advised the ladders conform to EN131 as required by the HSE. An overhauled set of new EN131 ladder standards were acquainted with the European market from the first January 2018. These progressions were outlined fundamentally to address ladder stability and durability, and present an order of “utilisation” to the new standard.  As a professional you might want to consider the ladders below;

GTL Heavy Duty Tripod Ladders

From £221.63 EXC vat – View GTL Tripod Ladders

HPM 3 Leg Adjustable Tripod Ladders

From £179.99 EXC vat – View These Ladders

Platform ladders for hedge cutting

Platform ladders are superbly intended for hedge cutting and tree-pruning. They can likewise be utilised for various undertakings such as, house painting, window washing to light bulb changing. Combined with a wide platform rung, and three completely customisable legs, Platform ladders offer the most secure and most flexible hedge ladders on the market. This also makes them extraordinary compared to other ladders for cutting hedges. Here are a few Platform ladders to consider.

GWF Platform Tripod Ladders

From £145.25 EXC vat with FREE Delivery – View these ladders

What’s the best Garden Tripod Ladder?

The GMF range is a standard tripod ladder that has a great all-round performance. There are also many benefits to using this garden tripod ladder. Firstly, on uneven ground, this type of adders are fitted with adjusted legs to help you stabilise in tight spaces. As some gardens can vary in size, if you are working at height it’s important that the ladders serve their purpose. In comparison to other garden ladders on the market, Northern Arb’s aluminium garden ladders are lightweight and can be moved around easily making them the ideal solution for cutting hedges, pruning or general maintenance work. For professionals, heavy duty garden ladders are also recommended. If you are working at greater heights, extension ladders offer the best solution to help you cut and complete tasks without overstretching. Whether you are a gardener, landscaper or tree surgeon, it’s important you have the correct ladders for many reasons, one being safety.

View GMF Standard Tripod Laddershedge cutting ladders

Hedge cutting & Tripod Ladder Reviews

“I agree with all the comments about tripod ladders, after almost 30 years cutting hedges, why has it taken so much time to make my life easier. They are amazingly lightweight and incredibly stable especially for an old man…” – Landscape Network Juice

“I believed that ladders used for work had to conform to EN131 (I think) I checked it out with my local HSE office and was informed that there is no standard for 3 legged ladders, therefore, there is nothing to comply with or conform to. It would also seem that HSE hates anything to do with normal step ladders being used in our trade as they are seldom working on level ground and hence are always unstable and dangerous. Without actually endorsing the tripod style, I was told that anything which improved stability would be likely to reduce the chance of accidents and therefore very welcome” – Landscape Network Juice

“Having bought the six foot, eight foot and twelve-foot Tripod Ladders about a month ago, I thought I’d let everyone know how good they are. Light, strong and, to be honest, the only ladders I’ve ever felt safe on the top of. Easily adjusted rear leg that lets you manoeuvre easily into any position. The feet don’t sink in soft ground and when you are stuck in a congested border, they are a doddle to move without working up a sweat and letting rip with a few choice words! The design enables you to almost sit on the top of what you are trying to cut. The ladders, combined with a long reach hedge-cutter, appear to be halving the time we were taking to do all our hedge-trimming jobs. Can’t praise them enough!” – Landscape Network Juice

Hedge Cutting Ladders For Sale

While Hedge cutting ladders come in different forms and sizes, it’s imperative you pick the ideal ladders to enable you to reach branches without overextending. Regardless of whether you are pruning, fruit tree picking, or even carrying out basic gardening, picking top-notch ladders will guarantee you and your staff stay safe in various situations and climate conditions.

For additional information with respect to ladders for hedge cutting, please don’t hesitate to peruse our range through the Northern Arb Supplies site

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