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Folding Silky Saw: Top 3 Reviews

Folding Silky Saw Pocketboy 130
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Folding Silky saws are versatile and great for a number of cutting applications. You can use them for pruning as well as light woodworking duties too. They’re robust handheld saws that vary in length and incorporate different teeth configurations depending on the intended use.

Today, we’re on a mission to find out which folding Silky Saw is the best on the market. We’ve picked three already popular folding Silky Saws and reviewed each of them to find out which one comes out on top.

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1. GOMBOY Professional 210 Medium Teeth 121-21 – Optimum all-rounder on test

Gomboy Folding Silky Saw

This multi-purpose folding saw has an extremely smooth cutting action and comes with an 8-⅓ inch blade. It has 8.5 teeth per inch tooth configuration and weighs a minuscule 0.55 lb. Complete with a clear plastic hinged carrying case to store the saw when not in use. It’s ideal for tree surgeons, gardeners and woodworkers – both amateurs and professionals in these lines of work. Professionals may use this hand tool to cut small branches when preparing to fell a tree.

The Good & The Bad

First and foremost, let’s talk about the blade itself. It’s fairly long for a handheld saw, and there are plenty of razor sharp teeth too, which is great. What this means is that the blade can easily cut through wood that’s up to four inches thick. It’s perfect if you need to chop up some wood for a fire, and also works well as a pruner to trim bushes.

It’s very light and feels good in your hand too, you don’t have to strain when using it. The carry case is a bonus as it gives you somewhere to store the saw when you’re not using it, protecting the blade and stray flesh!

Due to the size and sharpness of the blade, it’s good enough if you need a folding saw for professional use as well as home use. Plus the blades are replaceable, so you can get a new one once it wears with use.

Regarding cost, it is one of the more expensive folding Silky saws on the market. However, you get what you pay for as it’s a great piece of equipment and feels very robust when used.


  • Nice long blade
  • Plenty of aggressive cutting teeth
  • Cuts through wood with ease
  • Free carry case
  • Very lightweight


  • Some users have said the blade can be fragile

Product Verdict

The Gomboy Professional 210 folding saw is very good and will get most jobs done with absolute ease. The only drawback is that it may be too expensive for some, particularly if you’re only using it around the home for some casual work. If you’re not a professional as per the name, or won’t use this all the time, then you might be better off saving money and getting something less impressive but more affordable. Still, for its all-round professional use and ability, it’s our choice of the 3 on test here.

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2. POCKETBOY 130 Medium Teeth 340-13 – Good for the homeowner

Folding Silky Saw Pocketboy 130

This folding saw has a compact 5-inch blade complete with 8.5 teeth per inch teeth configuration. Coming in at 0.35 pounds, this saw is unbelievably light and easy to carry around in your pocket. Even when inside a carrying case, this saw is only 0.5 pounds. The carrying case is made of clear plastic and comes with a belt clip too. It’s ideal for applications such as pruning/trimming, general garden work, and sawing through wood.

The Good & The Bad

Though the blade is only 5 inches long, this folding saw certainly packs a punch. It has plenty of teeth, and their medium size means they’re perfect for lots of everyday cutting tasks in your garden. It will slice through thin branches with a very fine and precise cut. It’s perfect for pruning too and can help you shape bushes however you like. The extremely short blade may be a problem for some, and you should probably understand this isn’t a folding saw intended for thicker pieces of wood.

It’s very small and compact, which means it fits in your pocket easily. But, you also get the benefit of a carry case that you can clip to your belt which is quite convenient and keeps it to hand. Due to the size, this is very much considered a tool you use casually, the Swiss Army Knife of the Silky Saw world.

Looking at the price, it’s more than reasonable. In fact, it’s exceptional value for money, particularly when you consider there’s a carry case that comes with it too.


  • Sharp blade capable of cutting many things in your garden
  • Nimble and powerful in use
  • Easy and ergonomic to hold
  • Light and easy to carry
  • Incredible value for money


  • Blade is quite short in length
  • Shouldn’t be the only saw for pruning in your armoury

Product Verdict

If you’re looking for a folding saw that you’ll only use around your house and in the garden then the Pocketboy 130 represents outstanding value for money. It will do everything you want it to, and you can store it safely in a case too. However, if you’re after something that will be your sole professional tool, then you should turn your attention elsewhere.

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3. Professional Series F180 Large Teeth 143-18 – Light and a capable pruning tool

F180 Folding Silky Saw

The F180 is 7 inches in length and comes with 6.5 teeth per inch teeth configuration. The teeth themselves are large which makes it the perfect tool for any trimming, lawn, and general garden work. It’s a measly 0.4 pounds in weight, the lightest on test, so you won’t struggle to hold the saw or carry it around in your pocket.

The Good & The Bad

Focussing on the blade, it’s definitely the Goldilocks of the three folding saws we’re reviewing. The length is 7 inches, which sits just between the previous two saws. It also has large teeth, while the other two have medium. These large teeth make it brilliant for sawing through large branches, but make it harder to be precise when pruning.

When this saw is in your hand, it feels great as the handle is designed with such quality you can tell it will last a long time and provide you with excellent grip. Plus, it’s very light which makes it so easy to manoeuvre. Combine the feel of the handle with the blade and large teeth, and you’ve got a product that can easily be used professional as well as at home.

There are some drawbacks, such as the absence of a case. Also, while the teeth are fully covered when folded, it doesn’t feel like the blade fully clicks into place. So, there’s a slight worry it can fold out too easily and maybe this product doesn’t reassure in terms of build quality like the other 2.

The F180 costs less than the GOMBOY but more than the Pocketboy, meaning it represents decent value for money. However, that value drops a tad when you remember there’s no case.


  • Good length blade
  • Nice and light
  • Large teeth are great for cutting firewood and limbing
  • Excellent comfortable handle
  • Great build quality
  • Perfect for professional and home use


  • No carrying case
  • Blade doesn’t click into place when folded

Product Verdict

All in all, the F180 folding saw divides opinion. It certainly has a lot of great features and abilities. The overall build quality just lets it down as does the lack of a case. If you can live without that then you have a decent product.

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The Best Folding Silky Saw is…

All of these options have something to offer and will find a place in many a tree surgeon or homeowners pruning tools. We’re talking about very fine margins here between weight, wet and dry cutting capabilities, grip and value for money.

We must end by announcing which folding Silky saw is the best all-rounder. By taking all things into account, the GOMBOY Silky Saw is the winner here being good for wet or dry wood cutting. It can be used by professionals and amateurs alike, has a nice long blade, and comes with a convenient carry case. This is a no-brainer purchase that will not disappoint.

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