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Workware Rebrands its Popular Ladder Range to Hendon Tripod Ladders

In an ever-changing marketplace, businesses take many steps to get ahead and create a stronger impact on the consumers’ mind. Something similar has happened at Workware, one of the leading wholesalers and suppliers of arboriculture, horticulture, forestry and agricultural products in the UK. The company has recently rebranded its popular range of ladders as ‘Hendon […]

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5 Must-Have SRT Equipment Items For Tree Climbing

Tree work is a physically tiring and time-consuming job. Most professionals are always on the lookout to find new ways to reduce the amount of time and effort involved without compromising the quality of their work. That’s why the Single-Rope Technique or SRT climbing has become extremely popular in recent years. Northern Arb SuppliesNorthern Arb […]

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Petzl Harness Choices – Everything You Need To Know

Petzl is one of the most recognised and respected brands amongst the professional tree climbing community. The brand is known for producing well-designed and sturdy equipment that can withstand all kinds of climbing conditions. Petzl creates a wide range of products for both professional and leisurely climbers, which means their products are extremely diverse. The […]

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Rotatech Chainsaw File Guide

Rotatech Chainsaw File Guide

What size files do I need for my chainsaw? Many professional tree surgeons and arborist use chainsaw files to sharpen chains. A well-maintained chain will enable you to work for longer hours without getting tired fast. A well-sharpened chain will also efficiently cut deep into the wood. It is also important have a sharp chain […]

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Best Chainsaw Chain – Top Brands Worth Considering

Discussing The Best Chainsaw Chain Brands – Rotatech, Stihl & Husqvarna If you are looking for the best chainsaw chain, there’s plenty on the market. Thousands of arborists rely on chainsaws in their day-to-day work. Poor quality chainsaws and accessories aren’t just risky to use, but also compromise productivity and quality of work. There are […]

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Treemotion Harness

5 Reasons To Consider The Treemotion Harness For Tree Climbing

Treemotion Harness – Best Harnesses For Tree Climbing? Teufelberger is a well-known and well-established company in the arb industry. It is a German brand with a significant global presence, that’s trusted by many experienced tree surgeons. The treeMOTION harnesses are some of Teufelberger’s most popular products and have gained a large following since they were launched […]

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Best Loppers

Top 6 Best Loppers For Outdoor Professionals & Gardeners

Best Loppers For cutting branches Loppers are the best tools for mild to heavy-duty maintenance as they snap thick branches quickly, efficiently, and don’t require much effort. A good-quality lopper will make a professional’s task easier but it’s important to choose the right one for your requirements. Here are some factors to consider: Northern Arb […]

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Skip Tooth Chain – Reviews By Tree Surgeons & Arborists

It’s vital to comprehend the contrast between a standard chisel chain and a skip tooth chainsaw chain before purchasing. Obviously, the two chains have their own particular pro’s and con’s. Be that as it may, what precisely is the distinction between the two? Heres some useful information worth knowing. Northern Arb SuppliesNorthern Arb Supplies is […]

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Best Petzl Helmet

When Your Safety Matters- Opt For a Petzl Helmet

High quality Petzl safety helmets The Petzl helmet is one of the most important items needed by arborist and any other professionals providing tree services. Any individual climbing or working at heights should wear a climbing helmet as they face potential injury not just from above, but from the sides too. And it’s crucial to […]

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Best Folding Knife

The Best Pocket Knife Worth Considering Before Buying

Finding the best pocket knife Finding the best pocket knife can be tricky for many. With hundreds of small knives available, pin-pointing the best knife can depend on a number of things. For many years, pocket knives have proved to be handy in many outdoor situations. Professional arborists, landscapers, explorers, trekkers, handymen, etc., all carry […]

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