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Best Work Gloves For Tree Surgeons & Arborists

Best Work Gloves
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Top 7 Best Work Gloves

Work gloves are essential pieces of safety equipment when it comes to protecting your hands against cuts and abrasions, as well as ensuring great comfort and breathability whilst you work. Whether you are an arborist, tree surgeon, landscaper or forestry worker, it is imperative that you own the best work gloves to suit your line of work.

Industry standards should always play a key part when seeking protective handwear for tree work, so it’s important to also ensure that your gloves meet the required EN Standards to guarantee maximum protection.

Today, we are reviewing seven already popular tree work gloves, and comparing the pros and cons of each type to help you select the best gloves for your day to day requirements.

1. Arbortec Work / Handling Utility Gloves – £11.72

The Arbortec Work / Handling Utility Gloves are the best work gloves for general handling jobs when working with trees.

Proving extremely popular amongst arborists and landscapers are the Arbortec Work/Handling Utility Gloves. These lightweight gloves are ideal for general handling jobs and offer the ultimate protection against cuts and abrasions due to their tactile palm and finger tabs, along with tough knuckle buffers on each hand. They are fully adjustable by means of Velcro wrist straps and also include breathable protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Tactile palm and finger tabs
  • Tough knuckle buffers on each hand
  • Adjustable Velcro wrist strap
  • Tough knuckle buffers on both hands
  • Breathable protection


  • Designed mainly for the use of general handling jobs

2. Pfanner Stretchflex Fine Grip Gloves – £3.25

The Pfanner Stretchflex Fine Grip Gloves are the best work gloves for the price.

As the lowest priced work gloves in our entire range, the Pfanner Stretchflex Fine Grip Gloves offer superb value for money at just £3.25. These low-priced arb gloves are designed for working in oily and wet conditions and provide a quality grip. The palms and fingertips include dotted patterns for additional grip and control. Also offered by the gloves is great flexibility, provided by the unique Stretchflex feature.


  • Lowest priced gloves in our entire range
  • Quality grip and control even when wet
  • Flexibility – Stretchflex feature


  • Less protection offered in comparison to alternatives in this rang

3. Arbortec XT Utility Gloves – £13.59

The Arbortec XT Utility Gloves are the best work gloves for the protection they offer.

Ideal for those who prefer a close fit – the Arbortec XT Utility Gloves. The lightweight, breathable 4-way stretch back feature is highly comfortable and water resistant. Excellent protection is ensured by means of internal palm padding, leather fingernail protectors and XT Grip at the fingertips. Improved dexterity is also ensured with these gloves due to their stretchable goat leather design.


  • Lightweight
  • Breathable 4-way stretch back
  • Stretchable goat leather design
  • Reinforced pull-on tab – for easy on and off
  • Unique cut-away cuff design
  • Water resistant
  • Protection – internal padding, leather protectors, XT Grip on fingers


  • More expensive than their predecessor

4. Argon Thermal Gloves – £4.89

The Argon Thermal Gloves are the best work gloves for

The Argon Thermal Gloves impressively provide flexibility to -50ºC and maintain excellent durability in all conditions. They are designed to secure a quality grip even in wet environments. The palms, knuckles and fingers feature a high-quality foam coating, providing excellent protection and dexterity. Comfort, along with a tight fit is also ensured by this glove’s warm, soft lining. Treated with Actifresh to kill bacteria and promote freshness.


  • Flexibility to -50ºC
  • Foam coating for protection and dexterity
  • Quality grip in all conditions
  • Soft lining for comfort and a tight fit
  • Actifresh kill bacteria


  • Designed mainly for cold weather season

5. Arbortec Xscape Gloves – £7.50

The Arbortec Xscape Gloves are the best work gloves for tree climbing.

When it comes to tree climbing, the Arbortec Xscape Gloves have become a firm favourite amongst arborists. Featuring Cut Resistant Level 5 protection, these popular tree climbing gloves are designed to protect you from constant cuts and abrasions on your hands. High durability and breathability are also featured with these dextrous and lightweight gloves, along with a Tough PU Coating to provide a quality grip.


  • Lowest priced tree climbing gloves in our entire range
  • Cut Resistant Level 5
  • Lightweight & Dextrous gloves
  • Tough PU Coating
  • High Durability
  • Highly Breathable


  • Designed specifically for the use of tree climbing

6. Cutter Original Gloves – £8.09

The Cutter Original Gloves are the best work gloves for winter.

The Cutter Original Work Gloves have been designed using thick, grey goatskin leather. These gloves feature a tough coating with additional lining to provide extra warmth, making them ideal winter work gloves. Approved to EN420 Standard, these comfortable cutter work gloves comprise superb protection by means of extended wrist cuffs, padded palms and Kevlar stitching for added strength.


  • High-quality winter work gloves
  • Lining provides extra warmth
  • Extended cuffs offer wrist protection
  • Padded palms for added safety
  • Kevlar stitching for strength
  • Performance level 5


  • Not suitable for use with a chainsaw
  • Can be too warm during the summer period

7. Arbortec Cold Weather Utility Gloves – £13.92

 Best Work Gloves

The Arbortec Cold Weather Utility Gloves are fully lined with a thermal insulator to keep work standards up in temperatures as low as -10oC. The palms have been designed in full leather, with rubberised reinforced patches for high breathability and durability, as well as a quality grip even in wet conditions. Further protection is ensured under the jacket cuffs with cosy knitted long cuffs, while the HiVis patches and reflective strips across the fingertips provide extra safety.


  • Fully lined with thermal insulation
  • Protection – Cosy knitted long cuffs
  • Quality grip even when wet
  • Rubberised palm reinforcement
  • High Breathability
  • Great Durability
  • Added safety – Reflective strips across fingertips


  • Most expensive in our range of tree work gloves, excluding chainsaw gloves

Work Gloves At Northern Arb Supplies

As you can see, benefiting from the best work gloves depends entirely on the type of work you are carrying out. Whether you are pruning fruit bushes in the summer or climbing trees in freezing temperatures, Northern Arb Supplies provide work gloves for all varieties of tree work. Feel free to browse our full range of work gloves via our website.

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