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The Best Pocket Knife Worth Considering Before Buying

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Finding the best pocket knife

Finding the best pocket knife can be tricky for many. With hundreds of small knives available, pin-pointing the best knife can depend on a number of things. For many years, pocket knives have proved to be handy in many outdoor situations. Professional arborists, landscapers, explorers, trekkers, handymen, etc., all carry pocket knives because they’re versatile tools and an important part of a safety kit. However, you need knives that can stand the test of time and cut all kinds of materials.

For example, an arborist doesn’t have any use for a knife that doesn’t cut through thick rope or plant matter. Pocket knives come in different shapes, sizes, and designs. Many of them look great but aren’t functional and don’t perform well in real life conditions.

Factors to Consider

What factors make one knife better than the other? Most people only consider the sharpness of the blade but there are other factors that influence a knife’s performance. Here are some that you should consider if you want a good-quality material:

  • Brands – If you want a knife for long-term use, a branded one is the best option. Not only do you get better quality, but also post-purchase customer service. One brand will offer knife servicing and repair throughout its lifespan, which can be very convenient. Most branded knives come with some form of guarantee or warranty and that can make the higher price tag worth it.
  • Steel Quality – A knife’s performance depends largely on the type of steel used in the blade. Poor quality metal will lose its edge easily over time and sharpening will cause damage. Good quality metal will retain the edge and sharpen without sustaining damage.
  • Handle Matters – Most people don’t consider the handle and what kind of grip it provides, which can make using the knife much more difficult. No matter how sharp a knife is, you need to apply some force to cut through tough material. Cheap handles can cause injuries like blisters or sprains, making it important to look for a knife with a strong and ergonomic handle.

Make sure the knife comes with a good cover and lock for personal safety. It’s never a good idea to carry an uncovered knife or have a cover that comes off easily, especially if you’re going to be performing physical labor or move around a lot while carrying the knife on your person.

The Best Pocket Knives

Before picking the best pocket knife, there are many different kinds of knives available on the market so choosing one can be quite difficult. Even after you narrow down the list based on the factors mentioned above, you will still have several options to sort through. Here are some recommendations that can help:

1.  Stein Rescue Knife To Attach To A Karabiner

best folding knives

From £14.40 ex VAT – Click here to Buy This Knife

This specially designed blade is used to attach karabiners but it also performs well in all kinds of situations, which includes cutting thick rope during emergencies. It is compact, light-weight, durable, and convenient for all kinds of situations.

This tool is made from half-serrated stainless steel, which is resilient and ideal for everyday land use. The handle provides a good grip, incorporates both left and right-hand opening, and has a magnetic locking system for additional safety.

2. Petzl – Spatha Large Folding Knife

top foldig knife from petzl

From 13.99 ex VAT – Click here Buy This Folding Knife

This is a large multipurpose knife that can be easily attached to your gear with a karabiner or cartool. It is about 120mm in size when closed and can be used in a number of different situations. The blade is made from high-grade stainless steel and is very sharp, which means it can cut through all kinds of items easily. This blade’s edge doesn’t have any serrations, so the knife’s design is pretty basic. 

The handle provides a good, comfortable grip so you don’t need to worry about performance in real life conditions. It’s a good-quality, affordable blade with a decent steel edge and spear-point tip.

3. Boker Keycom Folding Knife

best folding knife by bokerFrom £19.93 ex VAT – Click here to view this knife

This folding blade is made from bead blasted AUS8 stainless steel, which means it is very durable and resilient. Its handle is made from fiberglass reinforced with nylon, which provides a superior grip and doesn’t break easily under pressure. The build quality is also excellent and this blade can withstand all kinds of real-life conditions well. Boker Keycom is a super subcompact pocket knife so it is convenient to carry around.

The overall length is 9.5cm and blade length is 3.8cm so you can easily clip it onto your gear or place it in a pocket. This total weight of this conmpact kinife is 40grams so you won’t even feel its presence. Opening and closing it is a breeze without compromising safety. If you’re looking for something reliable and durable, this sleek tool is a great option. It is also quite affordable without any compromise in quality.

4. Boker Subcom Folding Knife

best subcom folding knifeFrom £39.06 ex VAT – Click here to buy this knife

This is another high-quality Boker product that is designed for outdoor conditions and use. The blade is made from AUS-8 bead blasted stainless steel and has a fiberglass reinforced nylon handle, capable of withstanding a considerable amount of wear. That makes the Subcom folding knife a great tool for long-term use. With proper care, you can use this sharp blade for decades.

The handle has an ambidextrous thumb stud to ensure that the both right hand and left-hand use is comfortable. You get an extremely secure grip so using this while climbing trees or handling loads is easy. The folding knife’s total length is 11.5cms and its weight is 70grams. Its compact size makes it ideal for outdoor use. A sturdy lock keeps the knife blade safe so there are no injuries while it’s being used.

5. Boker Damascus Snowflake Folding Knife

Best Boker Damascus Snowflake Folding KnifeFrom £20.74 ex VAT – Click Here to view this knife

If you’re looking for a reliable knife that has a great appearance, this one is the right choice. It is made from 440 stainless steel, which is capable of withstanding different kinds of outdoor use without sustaining much damage.  The blade has a half-serrated edge with a unique Damascus pattern on it, giving it a wicked appearance.

This tool’s handle is made of grey anodised aluminum so it is very sturdy while providing a comfortable grip. Opening and closing are easy and the lock is secure so you don’t have to worry about accidents or injuries. Once closed, this knife won’t open unless you want to open it.

Best Pocket Knives That Deliver in Performance

In conclusion, the list above is just a snippet of some of the best pocket knives on the market. These knives might be a little more expensive than unbranded products, but they deliver in performance. Our store has a good collection of products from Boker, Stein, and Petzl, so you can choose a tool that suits your requirements.

Alternatively, if you are looking for something different e.g machetes or other cutting tools such as Pruning Silky Saws, feel free to browse our online shop. Got an opinion? why not comment and share them below, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Varren 9 months ago

    I also have my favorite folding knife, this is what I like the most. This pocket knife is very useful when I travel far and wherever I go always carry it. Using this knife is the same as using an ordinary knife, only the size is small and easily folded carried everywhere. Besides that we don’t need to prepare a special place, just by storing it in our pocket.

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