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Top 6 Best Loppers For Outdoor Professionals & Gardeners

Best Loppers
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Best Loppers For cutting branches

Loppers are the best tools for mild to heavy-duty maintenance as they snap thick branches quickly, efficiently, and don’t require much effort. A good-quality lopper will make a professional’s task easier but it’s important to choose the right one for your requirements. Here are some factors to consider:

  • Types of Blades – Bypass loppers are very popular and work like scissors. Both ends are sharp and slide against each other during a cut. They’re ideal for live branches as the plant heals quicker from a clean cut. Anvil loppers have just one sharp edge and one impact surface and this tool is ideal for dead or dry branches.
  • Blade Quality – Blade quality plays a big role in cutting efficiency. If the blades are too soft, they’ll wear down quickly and require frequent sharpening. We recommend carbon steel blades with non-stick coating for best results.
  • Cutting Mechanism – Ratcheting lopper mechanism is the most efficient and doesn’t require strength to use. When you squeeze the handle, the blade digs it but doesn’t pull out after you release the handle. With every squeeze, the blade just digs in deeper. Compound action loppers are simple, scissor-like tools and will cut through branches like regular scissors do. Geared loppers work like ratcheting ones but have more leverage because of the gears present.

You should also make sure the lopper has bumpers under the blades. This ensures your hands don’t touch the blade and allows you to cut branches without being hurt.

The Top 6 Loppers for Outdoor Professionals

1. Corona 32″ x 1 1/2″ Compound Action Lopper

This is an anvil lopper with new and comfortable 32” fiberglass handles. It has a 1 ½” cut capability, which makes it a very versatile tool. The lopper has a 4-bar compound linkage that adds more cutting power, allowing professionals to cut through thick branches. The blade has a non-stick coating and is made from high-quality carbon steel. There are 8” foam non-slip grips on the handle, which makes cutting easier and safer.

As this is an anvil lopper, it’s not entirely suitable for live or wet branches, but it will clear dead wood and dry branches easily. Many professionals find this tool to be a little too heavy, so you need good arm strength to use it.

2. Silky Hayauchi Pole Saw 6300-6.5 4 Parts (Reaches 28′)

This is a versatile tool because it is a pole saw with an optional lopper attachment that provides proximity of over 2” in diameter. You can prune all kinds of branches and reach higher stems without problems. The blade is made from high-quality carbon steel and has a Teflon-S coating to ensure no tree sap sticks to it. The head has a double-pulley system to reduce user strain and add more power to cutting, which makes this tool ideal for professionals.

However, these tools are less durable than some of the other options available in the market. They sustain dents and scratches easily, which can be a hassle for professionals. These saws also conduct electricity and shouldn’t be used within 15 feet of electrical wires.

Best Loppers for Gardeners

3. Corona High-Performance Vine Lopper

This is a very popular bypass blade lopper and a versatile tool for small limbs. It is designed to reduce the amount of force needed to make clean cuts and has a resharpenable, replaceable blade so you don’t need to buy a new lopper every time the old one gets too dull. The blade is made from heat-treated forged steel so it is formidable in all conditions.  It has lightweight elliptical handles that provide good reach but are easy to work with.

These loppers are designed with small limbs and vines in mind so it might not meet all of your pruning requirements well. Large, thick branches will require a different tool so this is largely for homeowners, private gardeners, and people who work with small-scale pruning.

4. Craftsman Compound Action Bypass Lopper

This lopper has expandable handles and is great for everyday use. It allows you to reach high branches effortlessly and cut without too much strain. The blades are made from durable metal with a PTFE coating to prevent rust and wear. Its compound action allows professionals to cut through thicker branches and tough twigs without applying too much force. It is very durable and comfortable to use, which makes it a favourite among professionals.

Unfortunately, the handles aren’t replaceable, which means you are forced to replace the entire tool if the handle becomes too damaged. Craftsman lopper also has a small diameter, which can impact the speed and efficiency of a cut.

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5. Corona 21″ – 33″ Extendable Anvil Lopper

Corona is well-known for a great collection of professional-grade loppers. This particular tool is one of the company’s best offerings. The cutting head is heat treated with 1 ½” cutting capability. PTFE coating ensures the metal is non-stick and rust proof and makes clean cuts. Compound action provides more force to the cutting process, allowing you to snap thick branches effortlessly. It is lightweight with fiberglass handles that provide a perfect grip.

While it has the ability to cut 1 ½” diameter, the tool doesn’t successfully cut certain woods. The extendable arms don’t firmly lock into place, and that can make keeping a firm grip difficult. The lip at the end makes it difficult for users to see if the lopper is positioned correctly.

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6. Fiskars 32 Inch PowerGear 2 Lopper

Many professionals consider this one of the best loppers available today for heavier and tougher branches. It provides 3 times the cutting force with every press of the handle, which ensures you can cut through tough wood easily. It has long handles that reach great heights and is perfectly balanced. It has a big cutting capacity of 2”, which means it can handle thick branches easily.

Professionals find this tool a little difficult to transport because it is large and requires a lot of storage space. Some have also expressed they prefer the older PowerGear 2 version.

These are just some of the many great loppers available today. The list contains products that have proven their worth in real life conditions and are reliable. What are your favourite Loppers? Comment below.

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