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Discussing The Best Chainsaw Chain Brands – Rotatech, Stihl & Husqvarna

If you are looking for the best chainsaw chain, there’s plenty on the market. Thousands of arborists rely on chainsaws in their day-to-day work. Poor quality chainsaws and accessories aren’t just risky to use, but also compromise productivity and quality of work. There are a number of chainsaw brands available in the market that offer a wide array of products.

Making the right choice requires thorough research and a good understanding of the products on the market.  This article explores three chainsaw brands and will help you decide on the best chainsaw chain option for you.

Introduction To The Brands

1. Rotatech Chainsaw Chains

Rotatech chainsaw chains are very popular and are used throughout the UK by arborists and tree surgeons. This is a Northern Arb Supplies’ in-house brand. Here are some qualities of the Rotatech chainsaw chains for you to consider:

  • Rotatech Chains are designed to fit all major brands including Stihl, Husqvarna and many more.
  • The chains keep their edge well and don’t need replacing as often as other brands available in the market. They are pre-stretched and developed from high-quality stainless steel.
  • All chains are rated according to established European testing standards and perform well in real-life conditions based on reviews provided by seasoned professionals in the field.
  • These chains are very affordable, which reduces necessary expenses and helps an arborist earn more profit.
  • Semi and full chisel chains also available for all major brands
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2. Stihl Chainsaw Chains

Stihl is a very popular chainsaw brand that sells products to arborists throughout the world. It is a well-established brand known for professional-grade chainsaws and accessories. Experienced arborists trust the manufacturer’s quality and reliability, and won’t hesitate to purchase a chainsaw from the brand.

  • The company, Stihl, manufactures OILOMATIC chains that are custom designed for every chainsaw product available on their website.
  • All their products are certified and rated according to US and European requirements and are used all over the world.
  • Although they are expensive in comparison to Rotatech chains, these chains are designed to respond well to the Stihl special features such as in-board chain brake, additional chain-braking, chain catcher, etc.

3. Husqvarna Chainsaw Chains

Husqvarna is just as popular and commonly used as Stihl. Some arborists are partial to Stihl saws while others are partial to Husqvarna. This comes down to performance preference and how arborists prefer to use their chainsaws. Husqvarna chains are also made from durable materials and are manufactured under strict quality control conditions.

  • Husqvarna chains are specifically designed for Husqvarna chainsaws so they interact with the system well.
  • The X-Cut chains are designed for continuous and uninterrupted work so they can withstand a lot of friction, heat, and wear. All chains are tested, refined, and polished to deliver the best performance.
  • Like the Rotatech Chains, the chains are pre-stretched in the factory, which means you don’t need to make unnecessary adjustments to the chain, re-tension frequently, and risk causing damage to the system.

Points to consider

There are a number of different points to consider before buying a chainsaw or chainsaw chain. All three brands mentioned in this article provide products with a reliable performance so it usually comes down to personal preference and type of arborist work you handle. Here are some factors to consider;

1. Best chainsaw chain for hardwood

Hardwoods like cedar and oak are more difficult and time-consuming to cut. The hardness and natural resilience of the wood can cause a lot of damage to the chainsaw if you don’t choose the right saw and chains. While all chainsaw chains from these three brands can handle the load, it might be worth considering Rotatech chains. Many professionals advise, for the price the chains perform well and in the worse case scenario if they do break, they can easily be replaced at an affordable price. While Stihl might be more expensive, these chains are also suitable for hardwood trees because the chainsaws have a torque-rich mechanism.

Chains from other two companies work also well making them the perfect choice for arborists. All products are covered by reasonable warranties so if the chain is damaged, you can call the company to understand the warranty and if your damage covers it.

2. Best chainsaw chain for cutting firewood

All of the chainsaw chains are suitable for cutting firewood but Rotatech is a good option for the job. This chain is more affordable, sharpens easily, and is easy to maintain. Rotatech chains don’t wear down easily and are covered with reasonable warranties. These chains are especially suitable for boring trees and can easily operate in different kinds of environments. Many arborists use Rotatech chains in their Stihl and Husqvarna chainsaws; they work efficiently and are long-lasting too. 

3. Best chainsaw chain for softwood

Many experienced arborists prefer Husqvarna to Stihl because these chains perform better with softwood. The Husqvarna speeds through the cutting process so and also makes the final cut quickly, which gives the arborist more time to move away from the falling tree. The speed can improve productivity and ensure arborists can get the job done before the scheduled time. All 3 chains will get the job done. There are also many other things worth thinking about e.g the type of chains you require. Whether you are after a Semi or full chisel chain, Rotatech also offers a great selection of chains ideal for softwood. These are also compatible with all major brands including Stihl and Husqvarna. 

4. Working conditions and environments

The working conditions and environments are some of the most important factors to consider before buying chains. Some chains are suitable for workshop wood cutting and firewood cutting. Some chainsaw chains are used in harsh outdoor and forest environments. All three chain brands have chains are suitable for different environments.

What’s the verdict?

In conclusion, preference and experience plays a big part. It’s also difficult to conclude the best chainsaw chain as each one of these brands has it’s own advantage. For many that have used all these 3 brands, performance and price seems to be the deciding factor. If you want something affordable and efficient at the same time, Rotatech is a good choice. Rotatech is known to perform very well in all environments and still last for a long time. Since the early 2000’s the Rotatech brand has rapidly grown, especially amongst professional tree surgeons and arborists in the UK. Here’s a couple of Rotatech reviews;

Some may say Husqvarna chainsaws are exposed to more friction because they move at a higher speed than most products available today. However, they’re still quite durable and with proper maintenance, will last for a long time. On the other hand, Stihl chains are also popular for a good reason. Whats your favourite chainsaw and chain brand? comment your thoughts below.

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