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Best Chainsaw Boots : Top 4 Worth Considering Before Buying

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What are the Best chainsaw Boots?

In order to find the best chainsaw boots you need to consider many things. In general, Chainsaw boots are protective shoes worn by professional tree surgeons and arborists when operating chainsaws. They are based on ordinary steel-toe boots  but have layers of chainsaw protective fabric on the exposed front surfaces. Available in lace-up leather and wellington rubber, they also come in different cut classes for added safety to comply with the required standards. In the following article, we have picked some of the best chainsaw boots worth thinking about before your next purchase.

Finding The Best chainsaw Boots

Most people often want to know how comfortable the boots are and what value for money they offer. It’s also worth thinking about the working environment and the reason for the purchase to ensure they meet all needs. Protection and safety also come into play depending on the requirements. So if you’re looking for the best chainsaw boots here’s a more detailed look at what you should consider.

What should the best chainsaw boots have?

For many professional tree surgeons and arborists finding the best chainsaw boot can be tricky. Chainsaw safety boots need to meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard, with the capacity to oppose 200 joules affect – the likeness 20kg weight dropped 1020mm onto the toes – and a 15KN pressure test, which is generally what might as well be called an astounding 1.5 tons laying on the toe territory. Besides this, there are many other things you need to take into consideration. In most cases the best chainsaw boots will contain the following;

  • A Water and penetration resistant outsole
  • Safety minimum with an oil resistant outer sole Same as S4, but with penetration resistance and a cleated outsole
  • Penetration resistance, must resist a penetration force of 1100N
  • Anti-static properties (A) with energy absorbing heel (E)
  • Should have Water resistant upper (WRU)
  • They should Constructed from rubber or polymer, waterproof, with anti-static properties and an energy absorbing heel area

1. Arbortec Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boot

Arbortec Scafell Lite Chainsaw Boot

The Scafell Lite Chainsaw boot is the one of Arbortec’s latest chainsaw footwear . It is based on the same hand built concept as the previous models and has a new 4 density sole unit, and a composite midsole system to help with stability, flexibility, weight and longevity.

In comparison to the other brands, The feedback and reviews all suggest that this could be the best purchase you will ever make. Compared to other boots, the class 2 Scafelll Lites appear to be more expensive. However, one thing we shouldn’t forget is that quality doesn’t come cheap sometimes. It’s fair to say we all wish we could have a pair that we could easily slip into without struggle. If this is something you struggle with, then these boots might just be the answer.

Designed for maximum comfort, the boots also have a soft and comfortable tongue that can easily be adjusted to ensure you don’t waste time trying to get the boots on. In addition, they have good breathability meaning under hot conditions and performs better compared to the average boot.

Airstream killers!

Fantastic boot. I normally climb in a pair of Salewa trekking boots, as chainsaw boots in a tree have always felt like a moon boot. I do more pruning than removals so getting out on the small stuff involves a more delicate foot placement. I’ve worn these a couple of weeks now and bit by bit as they soften up and give a little, I can really start to feel the tree and work them where I need them to be. My feet stay dry and that’s good for me. Laces tighten up uniformly and stay tight all day. Your foot seems wrapped in them. There is always something in a boot that niggles me but I can’t find anything about these I don’t really like.” – Treemender

From £178.00 + FREE DELIVERY

Click here to view and order Scafell lite Boots

Key Features & Benefits

  • EN ISO 17249 Class 2 (24m/s)
  • EN ISO 20345 SBP
  • Steel Toe Cap & Composite pierce resistant midsole
  • 100% Waterproof and breathable with Breathedry lining
  • New 4D sole unit with Vibram outsole
  • i-fit Comfort fit system

2. Haix Protector Ultra Chainsaw Boots


Another popular chainsaw boot to consider is the Haix Protector Ultra. Professional Tree surgeons highly recommend the protector ultra for many reasons. This is an innovative footwear which offers both great comfort and a high degree of cut protection. The boot is fitted with a soft and close-fitting sleeve that prevents sawdust or dirt from getting in.

This is also a budget and light boot that provides Class 2 Cut Protection as well as being watertight and highly breathable. The fact that they are a “good all rounder” means they have all the characteristics to make this one of the best chainsaw boots on the market. Having a pair that can be used in all conditions has proved to be an advantage. They last long and can be used for other purposes such as hiking, and farming. Below is a list of the key features.

From £185.99 + FREE DELIVERY

Click here to view and order Ultra Protector Boots

Key Features & Benefits

  • Upper material: breathable suede
  • Breathable GORE-TEX® lining for optimum climate comfort and protection against moisture
  • Two-zone lacing system for improved foot and ankle support
  • Fulfils the professional requirements stipulated by the German Forestry Advisory Board
  • Anti-slip VIBRAM® sole with rugged rough terrain profile
  • Cut Protection Class 2, with a steel toe cap

3. Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boots

Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boots

The Haix Protector Pro Chainsaw Boot is one of the toughest boots on the market. For many professionals, this a prefered all year round boot which does what it says. For those working in dangerous or muddy conditions, The Protector Pro by HAIX is specifically designed to performance well in such conditions.  Professional Arborists and forest rangers often prefer these as they offer great protection, waterproof features and performance. Below are a couple of reviews by professional tree surgeons and Arborists.

“I’ve had these boots for over a year now, closer to two come to think of it. Never proofed them and they have never let me down. Always had dry feet even in the winter that we had last year. I can’t rate them high enough” –

From £188.99 + FREE DELIVERY

Click here to view and order Protector Pro Boots

Key Features & Benefits

  • Anti-slip, deep tread sole
  • Cut protection class 1
  • Flexible heel cup for greater freedom of movement
  • Abrasion-resistant additional rubber toe cap
  • Sole is resistant to oil and petrol and is colour fast
  • KWF PROFI seal of quality and DLG (German Agricultural Society) Signum Test

4. Treehog Extreme Class 2 Chainsaw Boot

Treehog Extreme Class 2 chainsaw Boot

If you are looking for the best budget chainsaw boots then you ought to also consider the Treehog Extreme chainsaw boot. This footwear combines excellent chainsaw protective properties at an affordable price. Popular in the UK, Its a hard to find a boot and provides good quality safety for less. This is not all, the Extreme’s also have a polyurethane injected sole unit which help make this boot comfortable and flexible. Here’s a couple of things worth knowing;

Key Features & Benefits

  • EN ISO 17249 Class 2 (24m/s)
  • Scuff resistant leather upper
  • Padded cordura collar
  • Steel toecap resistant to 200 joules
  • Composite anti-perforation midsole

From £85.00 + FREE DELIVERY

Click here to view and order Exreme Boots

More Brands To Consider

Chainsaw Boots


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Best Chainsaw Boots Summary

Remember chainsaw boots are just one important piece of PPE kit. You should invest in an all-round PPE solution so you can carry out your job in safety.

In conclusion, we all look for various things before buying chainsaw boots. Overall comfort, safety and quality play a key part. The truth of the matter is that there are many other brands to consider. However, relying on feedback and reviews from users is just as important. Here at Northern Arb Supplies we offer a wide range of chainsaw boots by top brands including Haix, Meindl, Arbortec, Treehog and more.

If you require more information please do not hesitate to get in touch. Alternatively, we’d be keen to hear your thoughts. What are the best chainsaw boots? Comment and share your opinion below.

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  1. Dean Collins 10 months ago

    I had a steel toe boot, however the chainsaw hit just in front, tearing the boot, tendon and bone. Now I am looking to find a boot that will meet my needs, don’t really care about cost as I don’t want to spend another 6+ weeks on crutches. From above, I am seeing the Treehog Extreme as the best, but is that correct or is it Haix Protector Pro.

    Also, I see this is a UK website, please point me in the correct direction to purchase in the US.


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