Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boot

The Best Chainsaw Boots : 3 Key Things To Consider Before Buying

Finding The Best chainsaw Boots

It’s worth thinking about a few things before buying the best chainsaw boots. Most people often want to know how comfortable the boots are and what value for money they offer. It’s also worth thinking about the working environment and the reason for the purchase to ensure they meet all needs. Protection and safety also come into play depending on the requirements. So if you’re looking for the best chainsaw boots here’s a more detailed look at what you should consider.

What should the best chainsaw boots have?

For many professional tree surgeons and arborists finding the best chainsaw boot can be tricky. Chainsaw safety boots need to meet the EN ISO 20345:2011 standard, with the capacity to oppose 200 joules affect – the likeness 20kg weight dropped 1020mm onto the toes – and a 15KN pressure test, which is generally what might as well be called an astounding 1.5 tons laying on the toe territory. Besides this, there are many other things you need to take into consideration. In most cases the best chainsaw boots will contain the following;

  • Water and penetration resistant outsole
  • Safety minimum with an oil resistant outer sole Same as S4, but with penetration resistance and a cleated outsole
  • Penetration resistance, must resist a penetration force of 1100N
  • Anti-static properties (A) with energy absorbing heel (E)
  • Should have Water resistant upper (WRU)
  • They should Constructed from rubber or polymer, waterproof, with anti-static properties and an energy absorbing heel area

1. Best Chainsaw Boot for Comfort

There are many other chainsaws boots to consider for comfort. The  Meindl Airstream Class 1 Chainsaw Boots definitely stand out from the crowd. In comparison to other brands. The feedback and reviews all suggest that this could be the best purchase you will ever make. Compared to other boots, the class 1 Airstreams appear to be more expensive. However, one thing we shouldn’t forget is quality doesn’t come cheap sometimes.

One thing we all hate is straining the back whilst trying to put our boots on. It’s fair to say we all wish we could have a pair that we could easily slip into without struggle. If this is something you struggle with then these boots might just be the answer.

Meindl Airstream Chainsaw Boot

Designed for maximum comfort, the boots also have a soft and comfortable tongue that can easily be adjusted to ensure you don’t waste time trying to get the boots on. In addition, they have a 33% breathability meaning under hot conditions they perform better compared to the average boots.

2. Multi-Use

Professional Tree surgeons highly recommend the Airstreams for many reasons. The fact that they are a “good all rounder” means they have all the characteristics to make this the best climbing boot on the market. Having a pair that can be used in all conditions has proved to be an advantage. They last long and can be used for other purposes such as hiking, and farming. Below is a list of the key features.

Key Features & Benefits

  • Waterproof
  • Handmade in Germany
  • Fitted with a heavy duty steel toe cap
  • Air-conditioned for improved breathability
  • Heavy duty Vibram® rubber sole targeted for the outdoor user
  • Class 1 cut protection to 20 m/sec
  • Leather lined boot with smooth suede finish.
  • Memory Foam Vacuum System that adjusts perfectly to the foot’s shape
  • All-round and more adjustable lacing
  • Ideal and comfortable enough for all seasons
Perhaps some of the best chainsaw boots the Meindl Airstream
Meindl Airstream, Class 1 Chainsaw Boot

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3. Safety

The Meindl Airstream boots are waterproof and offer maximum ankle support. The shoelaces undo to a point where the boots can be tied tightly but still feel comfortable enough.  

“I’ve had these boots for over a year now, closer to two come to think of it. Never proofed them and they have never let me down. Always had dry feet even in the winter that we had last year. I can’t rate them high enough” –

Remember chainsaw boots are just one important piece of PPE kit. You should invest in an all-round PPE solution so you can carry out your job in safety.

Other Brands To Consider

1.Boots by Stein

Chainsaw boots by Stein
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2. Chainsaw Protective boots by Hiax

Chainsaw Boots by Hiax
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Best Chainsaw Boots Summary

In conclusion, we all look for various things before buying chainsaw boots. Overall comfort, safety and quality play a key part. The truth of the matter is that there are many other brands to consider. However, relying on feedback and reviews from users is just as important. Available on Next Day Delivery, the Meindl Airstream, Class 1 Chainsaw Boots can be ordered online or purchased in store at Northern Arb Supplies.

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