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Rotatech for Harvesters  

Rotatech harvester chains have been designed with a Heavy Duty Reinforced Upper Body Drive Link and Increased Size Rivets. The Pre-Lubricated Bearing Surface ensures the chain is ready to cut from the moment you put your chain on. The Oil Reservoirs have been specially developed to carry oil around the bar at an optimum rate. These Industrial Hard Chromed Nickel Alloy Steel Chains are Honed Sharp to create a Fast Cutting Action. Only the very best chains can withstand these extreme harsh conditions. Shop harvester chains today.

Rotatech for Harvesters  

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  • £149.98

    Rotatech Chainsaw Chain Reel Includes Connecting Links & Chain BoxesSpecification of Chain:- Pitch: .404" Gauge: 2.0mm (.080") Reel Length: 100ft

    £149.98ex VAT £149.98inc VAT
  • £5.00

    If you can't find your chain listed please use this tool to select the right spec for your needs. ORDER 2 to get FREE Delivery Select the Pitch, Gauge & No Of Drivelinks From the drop down boxes below.   *Please note that these chains will be made to order so please allow 1 more working day for delivery, We also cannot accept refunds on custom loops...

    £5.00ex VAT £5.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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