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Teufelberger is an arborist favourite for comfortable and safe harnesses, we also supply Teufelberger replacement bridge and pulleys.

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  • £54.48 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    Teufelberger MultiSAVER 1.5m, made of Sirius kernmantle polyester, has a novel adjustable anchor device and is impressive because of its well thought-out design.Great ease of use More Sizes Are Available EN 795 BEN Certified

    £54.48ex VAT £54.48inc VAT
  • £121.67 In Stock

    Small Pinto pulley instead of the big one- lightweight, easier to pull from the ground Large Pinto pulley is available as a spare part- can be exchanged as desired Sirius Loop instead of Ocean Polyester Loop- longer service life material DMM pull-off cone- optimized for application- well-known DMM quality

    £121.67ex VAT £121.67inc VAT
  • £100.10 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    The TEUFELBERGER ropeBUCKET and kitBAG are unique transport and storage bags, made from the same material as the treeMOTION harnesses.4 different sizes; 25l, 30l, 50l and 80l, Made from the same material as the treeMOTION harness, Made to withstand 100kg of weight, Extremely robust and stable.

    £100.10ex VAT £100.10inc VAT
  • £349.00 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    The latest Tefeulberger Treemotion Evo harness has a numbeer of configurations to help you be comfortable when moving and working in the tree. The bridges come inOne size Two configurations Standard webbing bridge which is new to the Treemotion  Double rope bridge - one longer than the other so you have a choice whther to climb with one line or two

    £349.00ex VAT £349.00inc VAT
  • £13.32 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    Genuine replacement rope bridge for the TreeMOTION harness. If the green mantle on your TreeMOTION bridge is ruptured (by cutting, heat or abrasion) or the bridge rope diameter has changed in any way it should be replaced immediately with a genuine replacement bridge.

    £13.32ex VAT £13.32inc VAT
  • £256.27 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    'treeMOTION' technology from TEUFELBERGER, super light weight and flexible harness for those who do a lot of repeated acending and descending tasks.Waist: 76 - 91cm (30"-36") Thigh: 55 - 66cm (20"-26") Max User Weight: 120kg

    £256.27ex VAT £256.27inc VAT
  • £675.05 £750.06 -10% 5 / 7 Day Delivery

    Advanced Tree Climbing Kit IncludesTeufelberger Treemotion Evo Harness or S.light Harness Yale XTC Plus 35m 3 Skylotec Tri-Lock Carabiners Stein 3m Wire Core Flip Line Stein 75l Duffel Bag Petzl ZigZag (2 Options) 2 Stein Oval Carabiners Stein Mini Rope Grab (For Flipline) Stein Cut Away Strop Waist: 76 - 91cm (30"-36") Thigh: 55 - 66cm (20"-26") Max...

    £675.05ex VAT £675.05inc VAT
    £750.06 -10%

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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