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Carabiners & Connectors  

Carabiners are one of the most important safety components of a climbing gear system. This is a metal shackle with a spring-loaded gate that can be used to quickly and securely connect different components of gear. Our karabiners are designed to bear substantially heavy loads, so they’ll support your weight well during a climb. They’re made from resilient metal that can also withstand rough conditions while keeping gears together.

At Northern Arb Supplies, we provide a wide range of karabiners from brands like DMM, ISC, Petzl, Stein, Skylotec, etc. We have different types of products with different sizes of opening gates. All products are certified by industry authorities. 

Carabiners & Connectors  

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  • £22.80

    The Aero's solid bar construction creates a robust and wear resistant belay carabiner. HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance I Beam section for increased strength to weight ratio Patented Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance Approved to EN362:2004/B

    £19.00ex VAT £22.80inc VAT
  • £10.80

    DMM produce a range of 4 anchor rings that have a multitude of rigging application and are particularly popular with arborists. The rings are turned from solid 7075 aluminum, fully heat treated to T6 condition and anodised for identification and corrosion prevention.Certified as mobile anchor points to EN795(b):1997.

    £9.00ex VAT £10.80inc VAT
  • £16.66

    The ISC HMS Supersafe 27kN Karabiner weighs 93 grams and is rated with an impressive breaking strength of 27Kn.  Ideal on any climbing system it’s impressive breaking strength giving additional confidence. Advancing pulley under a hitch, Stainless steel springs.

    £13.88ex VAT £16.66inc VAT
  • £28.60

    PETZL EASHOOK OPEN Carabiner is a gated connection point for a double lanyard and work-positioning lanyard.Reinforced for greater front and lateral gate strength, D shape is especially suitable for attaching devices, Lightweight to reduce overall climber weight at height, Easier handling, Comes in Black and Gray, TRIACT-LOCK automatic locking system.

    £23.83ex VAT £28.60inc VAT
  • £15.76

    This Ultra Light Clean Nose Oval Carabiner range incorporates the I-Beam construction. Hot Forged body. Suitable for a variety of uses including Rope Access and Hauling Systems. Also available with a Captive Bar Facility.Approved to EN362:2004/B NSN 8465-99-615-6261 Oval shape allows central positioning of devices

    £13.13ex VAT £15.76inc VAT
  • £20.00

    The passO-Tri has a smooth-running, twist-lock closure for maximum HMS carabiner safety and a stylish SKYLOTEC design. Conforms to alpine sports and industry standards.

    £16.67ex VAT £20.00inc VAT
  • £16.72

    The super safe ISC Off-Set Oval Supersafe 25kN Aluminium Carabiner weighs 85 grams and  is rated with an impressive breaking strength of 25Kn. Both standard and advanced hitch systems, Use on climbing lines up to 13mm, High quality aluminium, ISC triple lock gates, Comes in silver and black.

    £13.94ex VAT £16.72inc VAT
  • £18.04

    The Treehog Ring Loop can be used for friction knots, as a prussik loop or as a temporary anchor point.Polyester/aramid blend for heat resistance Conforms to EN795B and EN354 Individually serial numbered 22kN captive ring

    £15.03ex VAT £18.04inc VAT
  • £44.33

    The PETZL MGO OPEN 60 Connector is an auto-locking directional connector with a large gate opening and a gated connection point.Major axis strength: 23kN, Open gate strength: 23kN, Weight: 490g, Gate opening: 63mm, Ergonomic unlocking handle.

    £36.94ex VAT £44.33inc VAT
  • £18.41

    The super safe ISC KH214 Mini HMS carabiner weighs 86 grams and for its size is rated with an impressive breaking strength of 27Kn. Its small size makes it ideal for attaching a side lanyard hitch system to your harness.Good for use on climbing lines up to 13mm ISC triple lock gates High quality aluminium

    £15.34ex VAT £18.41inc VAT
  • £31.66

    DMM Sentinel Locksafe Carabiner A267  Approved to EN 362:2004/B NSN 8465-99-774-1755Small ergonomic shape gives wide gate clearance for a compact connector I Beam section for increased strength to weight ratio

    £26.38ex VAT £31.66inc VAT
  • £8.28

    Spare aluminium ring for Treehog tree climbing harness.Choose Small or Large aluminium ring Strength rating 25kNSmall:Inside diameter 46mm Outside diameter 70mmLarge: Inside diameter 28mm Outside diameter 52mm

    £6.90ex VAT £8.28inc VAT
  • £17.05

    The Boa is a high volume carabiner with a large gate opening and extended top bar, making it easy to clip with thick ropes and slings, and allowing it to accommodate multiple attachments.DMM 25kN Boa Locksafe Aluminium Carabiner A897  Individually marked for traceability

    £14.21ex VAT £17.05inc VAT
  • £4.62

    Medium Tool Clip (not for use as PPE) 62mm x 33mm Pack of 3

    £3.85ex VAT £4.62inc VAT
  • £45.90

    Spare Bridge Kit for Treehog TH5000 and TH7000 tree climbing harnesses.1 x 250, 300 or 350 Bridge 2 x 70mm Dia aluminium rings 1 x Threadlock adhesive 2 x Replacement D-Shackles

    £38.25ex VAT £45.90inc VAT
  • £20.84

    Aluminium Snap 3-way Action c/w 21mm Captive Eye

    £17.37ex VAT £20.84inc VAT
  • £16.20

    The DMM Shadow Carabiner is a very lightweight ergonomic carabiner incorporating a Clean Nose Gate mechanism and I-Beam Hot Forged Construction for a high strength to weight ratio.HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance Patented Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance Approved to EN362:2004

    £13.50ex VAT £16.20inc VAT
  • £24.82

    ISC Carabiner - Aluminium Swivel Eye Supersafe (TWISTER)

    £20.68ex VAT £24.82inc VAT
  • £20.40

    This large carabiner with its ergonomic shape, is rated to 25kN MBS and has a massive 27mm gate opening. Made from hot forged aluminium and finished with corrosion resistant anodization the THK003 weighs in a just 103g, despite its larger proportions. Being slightly oversized, the THK003 is easy to operate, even with gloves on and is fitted with a smooth...

    £17.00ex VAT £20.40inc VAT
  • £10.40
    £8.67ex VAT £10.40inc VAT
  • £15.20
    £12.67ex VAT £15.20inc VAT
  • £20.41

    Aluminium Supersafe 21mm Captive Eye

    £17.01ex VAT £20.41inc VAT
  • £10.73

    The BeeSwift Large SG Light Alloy Carabiner is for expert climbers that need reliable solid equipment. Ideally designed to connect a retractable fall arrester to an anchor point, when you need to insert several slings and roper or for rigging.Large opening, Tough profile, high strength, CATCH-FREE system to allow clear connections snag-free, Comes in...

    £8.94ex VAT £10.73inc VAT
  • £27.46

    DMM Revolver Locksafe Aluminium Carabiner A277  This unique carabiner range incorporates a Low Friction Roller System - suitable for Special Applications such as Rescue and Hoisting. Hot Forged Construction.Approved to EN362:2004 NSN 8465-99-743-5513 Unique and legendary connector incorporates low friction roller system I Beam section for increased...

    £22.88ex VAT £27.46inc VAT

Showing 1 - 24 of 95 items

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