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Sheathed Saws Spares

Need a replacement blade for your Silky Saw (pocked)?

Sheathed Saws Spares

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  • £14.50 In Stock

    Silky Saw Pocketboy Replacement Blade, ideal for light pruning around the garden, including fruit and small ornamental trees.8,10 or 20 teeth per 30mm Saw Blade Length 130mm or 170mm.

    £14.50ex VAT £14.50inc VAT
  • £19.64 In Stock

    Silky Saw Gomboy Replacement Blade, suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber.Saw Blade Length: 210mm, 240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 10 teeth per 30mm

    £19.64ex VAT £19.64inc VAT
  • £11.52 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    Spare Blade for Silky Saw F180 from Silky Fox Saws. The Silky F-180 Saw blade is a strong, lightweight Silky saw blade with 7.5 teeth per 30mm Spare Saw Blade Length 180mm.

    £11.52ex VAT £11.52inc VAT
  • £30.70 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    Silky Natanoko 60 Replacement Blade, beautifully balanced MIRAI-ME Silky sheath saw.Blade Length 300mm and 330mm, 7-8 teeth per 30mm, Heavy-duty blade, Suitable for fresh wood.

    £30.70ex VAT £30.70inc VAT
  • £24.00 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The Silky Woodboy 'Dozuki' Replacement Blade, is a thin and flexible blade perfect for intricate joinery. Available in 26 and 32 teeth per 30mm, Blade locks in two positions, Flexible blade is perfect for intricate joinery.

    £24.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £28.51 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The Silky Hibiki 'Ryoba' Replacement Blade is a double-sided pull-cut saw for ripping and cutting. The teeth are razor sharp and spaced for quick movements. Available in 22+10 teeth per 30mm.

    £28.51ex VAT £28.51inc VAT
  • £23.81 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The Silky Gunfighter pruning saw has a slightly curved blade with progressive teeth from 8.5 to 6 teeth per 30 mm. The finer teeth close to the handle are ideal for making the first cut and the larger teeth are good for sawing quickly and efficiently.This replacement blade is available in 3 lengths.

    £23.81ex VAT £23.81inc VAT

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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