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Sheathed Saws Spares

Need a replacement blade for your Silky Saw (pocked)?

Sheathed Saws Spares

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  • £14.37 In Stock

    Silky Saw Pocketboy Replacement Blade, ideal for light pruning around the garden, including fruit and small ornamental trees.8 or 10 teeth per 30mm Saw Blade Length 130mm or 170mm.

    £14.37ex VAT £14.37inc VAT
  • £18.24 In Stock

    Silky Saw Gomboy Replacement Blade, suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber.Saw Blade Length: 210mm, 240mm, 270mm, 300mm, 10 teeth per 30mm

    £18.24ex VAT £18.24inc VAT
  • £11.52 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    Spare Blade for Silky Saw F180 from Silky Fox Saws. The Silky F-180 Saw blade is a strong, lightweight Silky saw blade with 7.5 teeth per 30mm Spare Saw Blade Length 180mm.

    £11.52ex VAT £11.52inc VAT
  • £28.51 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    Silky Natanoko 60 Replacement Blade, beautifully balanced MIRAI-ME Silky sheath saw.Blade Length 300mm and 330mm, 7-8 teeth per 30mm, Heavy-duty blade, Suitable for fresh wood.

    £28.51ex VAT £28.51inc VAT
  • £24.00 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The Silky Woodboy 'Dozuki' Replacement Blade, is a thin and flexible blade perfect for intricate joinery. Available in 26 and 32 teeth per 30mm, Blade locks in two positions, Flexible blade is perfect for intricate joinery.

    £24.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £28.51 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The Silky Hibiki 'Ryoba' Replacement Blade is a double-sided pull-cut saw for ripping and cutting. The teeth are razor sharp and spaced for quick movements. Available in 22+10 teeth per 30mm.

    £28.51ex VAT £28.51inc VAT

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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