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Folding Pocket Saws  

For pruning and other light cutting duties you can’t beat a handy folding pruning saw. These fold neatly in half and are both comfortable to use and safe to carry around. The blade on these locks firmly in place. Consider a Silky folding saw which are some of the best in the business and perfect for home as well as professional use. Popular models include the Silky Fox F180 and the Silky Pocket Boy which is nicknamed the ‘little giant’ due to its cutting capacity for such a small product.

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  • £23.52

    The Silky Saw F 180-8 has a Fibreglass polypropylene moulded handle with rubber insert for good grip. An ideal Silky pruning saw for the home gardener. Blade Length 180mm.   

    £19.60ex VAT £23.52inc VAT
  • £30.91

    Silky Saws Pocketboy 130-10 Saw - Silkys smallest MIRAI-ME Folding Saw with 10 teeth per 30mm. Our smallest MIRAI-ME folding saw. The strong, comfortable rubber handle is easy to grip and the mirror polished blade is adjustable to two angles. Replacement blades are available.Suitable for all pruning tasks, as well as woodworking Carry case included...

    £25.76ex VAT £30.91inc VAT
  • £37.74

    Silky Gomboy 210-10 Saw is a beautifully balanced Silky pocket saw suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber. MIRAI-ME taper ground multipurpose saw with 10 teeth per 30mm.  Suitable for pruning as well as cutting dry, hard timber. Rubber insert-processed steel handle for strength, yet beautifully balanced. Blade Length 210mm. Blade Length...

    £31.45ex VAT £37.74inc VAT

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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