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Silky Saws

The Silky Saws brand has long been the professional’s choice for those who work in the woods, arborists and tree surgeons. Precision razor sharp blades make easy work whether you’re pruning, crosscutting, felling or undertaking general tree trimming.

Straight, curved and folding Silky Saws blade models are available for various applications. All are of the finest quality and are resistant to tree resin. The incorporated handles are lightweight and comfortable even on budget models.

Whether you are looking for folding saws or a silky fox curved blade, we stock smooth cutting technology available to suit your line of work. Additional features include silky fox saws with large teeth, fine teeth and different blade lengths.  

Buying a Silky Saw is a long-term purchase with spare and replacement blades available for all models.

Silky Saws

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  • £55.16

    The Silky NATANOKO 2000 hand-saw has a uniquely shaped curved blade. The low angle curve of the blade enables you to cut branches smoothly.Blade Length 330mm 6.5 teeth per 30mm High performance saw  Heavy duty blade Designed to cut medium to large branches.

    £55.16ex VAT £55.16inc VAT
  • £68.72

    The Silky Sugowaza is a curved heavy duty pruning saw used for bigger tasks a saw like the Sugoi cannot handle. The extra cross-guard also gives the user more gloved hand protection.420mm blade length with a 6.5 teeth per 30mm, Slip-guard for greater safety  custom made bright orange scabbard

    £68.72ex VAT £68.72inc VAT
  • £23.27

    This sleek SILKY PocketBoy saw features a rust-resistant, hard chrome-plated, taper-ground blade with an impulse-hardened non-set tooth. The PocketBoy comes in three different colours to match the teeth configuration and two blade lengths, 130mm and 170mm.Teeth configurations:8mm Pruning for green wood (red), 10mm Fine for hardwood (black), 20mm Extra...

    £23.27ex VAT £23.27inc VAT
  • £118.94

    Currently the biggest in its class, this heavy-duty folding saw with a 19 4/5- or 25 3/5-inch. Expect to make mincemeat out of any firewood-sized limbs with a KATANABOY that packs a taper-ground blade with a non-slip rubberized grip.Resharpenable blade of superior quality steel Non-slip rubberized grip 500mm - 5 teeth per inch 650mm - 4 teeth per inch

    £118.94ex VAT £118.94inc VAT
  • £42.62

    The Natanoko 60 is the bigger and stronger brother of the Gomtaro, with this saw being even more stable and absorbs vibrations even better.Blade Length 300mm and 330mm, 7-8 teeth per 30mm, High-performance saw, Heavy-duty blade, Suitable for fresh wood.

    £42.62ex VAT £42.62inc VAT
  • £45.00

    This iconic Silky Gunfighter pruning saw has a slightly curved blade with progressive teeth from 8.5 to 6 teeth per 30 mm. Progressive teeth help you to make the first cut into the wood with the finer teeth close to the handle and larger teeth at the end of the blade to saw at full speed.Available in 3 different blade length, Unique pistol handle...

    £45.00ex VAT £45.00inc VAT
  • £44.27

    BIGBOY is available in four teeth sizes Yellow= Curved/XL Teeth, Red=L teeth, Black=M teeth, and Blue=Fine teeth.14-1/5-inch (360 mm) blade length 8.5 teeth per inch (10 teeth per 30 mm) teeth configuration 1 pound (450 grams) weight Comes in a blister pack Pruning & trimming, lawn & garden, construction Limited lifetime warranty against defects...

    £44.27ex VAT £44.27inc VAT
  • £46.63

    The Silky Tsurugi Curve range introduces a curved saw with a very narrow blade which is ideal for pruning dense trees and enables the user to get into tight areas such as the fork of a branch.Teeth configurations: 7.5mm (red) and 10mm (yellow), Blade lengths: 210mm - 270mm - 330mm, Custom plastic sheath with belt clip included, Used for pruning &...

    £46.63ex VAT £46.63inc VAT
  • £34.67

    The Silky Ultra Accel Curve folding saw works like its fixed-blade cousins. Built with a sturdy yet lightweight aluminium chassis, the Silky Ultra Accel with 240-mm curved blade features an easy-grip rubberized handle to make it easy on your paws.Lightweight aluminium, Easy-grip rubberized handle, Legendary cutting ability.

    £34.67ex VAT £34.67inc VAT
  • £64.99

    The Silky SUGOI saw has a uniquely shaped curved blade with a non-slip rubber handle. The 360mm scabbard features an easily replaceable plastic insert, both scabbards can be attached to the belt or to the leg by leg belts. 360mm and 420mm blade lengths, 6.5 teeth per 30mm, Custom high-visibility yellow plastic sheath with belt clip is included, Designed...

    £64.99ex VAT £64.99inc VAT
  • £43.77

    The Gomtaro Nidangiri pruning saw has an extra row of teeth (with medium teeth) on the upper side of the blade. Without turning your wrist, you can make a sawing cut at the bottom of the branch so that the bark does not tear off when the branch falls.270mm blade length with 8+10 teeth per 30mm, Comfortable rubber handle, Includes durable black...

    £43.77ex VAT £43.77inc VAT
  • £48.44

    Silky Zübat Arborist Saw is the newest addition to the Zübat range and offers extra teeth of 5.5 teeth per 30mm, quickly ripping through fresh wood.5.5 teeth per 30mm, 330mm blade length, Mono-construction with a moulded rubber handle Comes in a Specially designed sheath for the curved blade Detachable belt holder.

    £48.44ex VAT £48.44inc VAT

Showing 1 - 12 of 27 items

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