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Rope Retrievers  

Rope retrievers are handy tools for professional arborists. They can bring climb or rigging lines back to ground level effortlessly so arborists don’t have to struggle with heavy rigging equipment after every job. This tool makes the task easier, allowing arborists to save some time. The retriever is compact, easy to carry but it’s also extendable. No matter what kind of tree you have scaled, this device can help remove all rigging.

At Northern Arb Supplies, we have the best retriever in the market. It’s manufactured by Stein, a well-established and respected brand. Rope retrievers have proven to be very useful in real-life conditions so they should be a part of every arborist’s kit.

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  • £15.00

    The STEIN MR100 Mini-Reach retriever is an ingenious tool designed to assist tree climbers in retrieving climbing lines or rigging lines which are out of reach. The Mini-Reach extends to 1m in length and collapses to just 18cm. At just 90gms in weight it can easily be attached to your harness by attaching a tool clip karabiner.  Supplied fitted with a...

    £15.00inc VAT £12.50ex VAT
  • £43.20

    Certified to EN567 Suitable for 9-13mm diameter rope Bolted Cam Individually serial numbered

    £43.20inc VAT £36.00ex VAT

Showing 1 - 2 of 2 items

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