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Long lines of ropes and rigging can easily become twisted and entangled in more than one place. This can make climbing difficult, causing problems for professional arborists. It’s not easy to untangle these lines during a climb, which is why every rigging should have swivels. This device connects your harness bridge with the climbing line, ensuring it remains untwisted no matter how many times you swing around a tree. This makes a climbing job much easier.

At Northern Arb Supplies, we provide resilient and durable swivels by brands like DMM and CT. Their products have a proven track record, which makes them very popular with professionals.

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  • £113.99

    The DMM Captain is a high-quality device designed to increase stability and positioning when undertaking complex jobs. The unique design also allows the device to be racked easily when the job is done. Ideal for arborists, The DMM Captain can be ordered with or without the full kit.

    £113.99ex VAT £136.79inc VAT
  • £42.97

    The DMM Axis Swivel has been designed with a smooth, compact and amazingly strong.

    £42.97ex VAT £51.56inc VAT
  • £38.05

    The DMM Axis Swivel has been designed with a smooth, compact and amazingly strong.

    £38.05ex VAT £45.66inc VAT
  • £40.85
    £40.85ex VAT £49.02inc VAT
  • £20.00

    Textile-friendly Hot forged aluminium Shackle uses 4mm and 2mm Allen keys to ensure secure locking

    £20.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £54.99

    DMM Mini Swivels are compact solutions to torsion management scenarios where maximising efficient use of limited space is crucial. They can be used as a swivel between two connectors, textile elements, or a combination of both.

    £54.99ex VAT £65.99inc VAT
  • £59.99

    The Focus is a directly connectable swivel that features both swivel and shackle attachments to give you increased connection options.

    £59.99ex VAT £71.99inc VAT
  • £80.00

    The Nexus range is a modular, directly connectable swivel system that delivers maximum freedom of movement to and from the device. Shackles can be swapped out at either end to give you a huge range of connection options to cater to the requirements of almost any torsion management scenario. 

    £80.00ex VAT £96.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 9 of 9 items

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