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Ascenders, Descenders & Rope Grabs  

Ascenders, descenders, and rope grabs are all safety components designed to help arborists climb trees. Rope grabs are designed to grab the line and arrest a fall if an arborist puts weight on their harness. Ascenders and descenders help climbers scale up and down the tree without putting in too much effort.

We have a collection of high-quality ascenders, descenders, and rope grabs made from brands like DMM, ISC, Stein, etc. All products are certified by authorities, and tested to withstand different conditions. They’re made from resilient materials so you can expect them to last for years with proper maintenance. 

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  • £3.50

    Rope Grab Service Kit

    £3.50ex VAT £4.20inc VAT
  • £33.45
    £33.45ex VAT £40.14inc VAT
  • £68.50

    The STEIN Knee Ascent System is a simple but effective kit of components which helps assist you in ascending your climbing system easier and faster. Designed to work in conjunction with a foot ascender (STEIN DJANGO) It can be used in either double rope systems (DRT) or in single rope systems (SRT). The knee ascender captures the advancement made by your...

    £68.50ex VAT £82.20inc VAT
  • £100.00

    The device features non-aggressive stainless steel cams which are spring loaded allowing it to be positioned on the rope while the user is working. The towable release mechanism (patent applications EP2641635, GB2500483) allows the user to tow the device while simultaneously descending.

    £100.00ex VAT £120.00inc VAT
  • £75.00

    The Buddy 100 is a hands-free trailing fall arrest device that will follow you up and down the rope with minimum user-intervention. Minimalist design and manufacturing of components makes inspection and installation simple, whilst top-quality materials increase durability with minimum weight penalty. Single person fall arrest device, suitable for ropes...

    £75.00ex VAT £90.00inc VAT
  • £42.50

    The ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender has been designed following extensive feedback from many industry users. During the development of the STRYDER, durability and functionality were at the top of the priority list! The STRYDER utilises tried & tested geometry, to provide a smooth upward movement and positive engagement on the rope.

    £42.50ex VAT £51.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items

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