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PPE Clothing Accessories  

PPE accessories add another level of protection and comfort.

Our online store features a great selection of a good-quality button, classic, gladiator, and tri-loop braces for chainsaw trousers and other PPE clothing accessories. These are available in different sizes, colours, and are adjustable so you can easily find something that fits you well.

PPE Clothing Accessories  

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  • £18.02

    This high-quality belt is made from premium buffalo leather, and offers excellent durability. It is able to resist high tension and comes with a double pin closing for extra resilience. SIZES110 – 125

    £18.02ex VAT £18.02inc VAT
  • £12.38

    These adjustable, 4cm wide braces come with 4 clips for attachment and can be used to support any pair of trousers. The stainless steel inox clip system makes height adjustment incredibly straightforward. Features EXTERIOR• 4 clips• Adjustable in height via stainless inox clipsystem FABRIC4cm wide elastic

    £12.38ex VAT £12.38inc VAT
  • £11.71

    These 4cm wide braces are designed for use with SIP Protection arborist trousers in the Progress range and Canopy W-AIR trousers in the Innovation range. They come in 2 sizes; 100cm for people up to 1,80m and 120cm for people of 1,80m and above. Features FABRIC80% polyester 20% elastane4cm wide elastic

    £11.71ex VAT £11.71inc VAT
  • £12.38

    These braces are fully adjustable in height, with 6 loops for attachment to any SIP Protection trousers that come with buttons for braces. Height adjustment is made easy by the stainless steel inox clip system. Features EXTERIOR• 6 loops• Adjustable in height via stainless inox clipsystem FABRIC4cm wide elastic

    £12.38ex VAT £12.38inc VAT
  • £12.75

    Button Type Chainsaw Trouser Braces with leather connectors and metal adjuster clips Made from 40mm wide elastic Network Rail Approved

    £12.75ex VAT £12.75inc VAT
  • £15.00

    Stein Tri-Loop Velcro Braces for Chainsaw Trousers. Trousers should always be worn with a belt or braces to ensure they are worn correctly. Fits Stein Krieger 'Guardian' & 'Sentinel' Chainsaw Trousers.

    £15.00ex VAT £15.00inc VAT
  • £14.89

    Description Heavy duty braces for chainsaw trousers. Chainsaw trousers by default are heavier than normal, due to the extra layers of protective padding, ad this is further exacerbated when wearing Type C trousers (with rear protection as well as front).

    £14.89ex VAT £14.89inc VAT

Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items

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