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Pruning Saws  

Pruning saws are especially used by landscapers, arborists and many other outdoor workers. They can be used for cutting small trees, pruning and much more. Available at Nothern Arb, we supply a great selection of pruning saws at affordable prices. Our wide range of pruning saws are available in different blade lengths to suit your line of work. For maximum performance, the pruning saws are also fitted with a soft rubber handle and a razor sharp blade for easy cutting.

Regardless of whether you are wood cutting or branch cutting, our choice of cutting blades provide the perfect solution. For thicker branches and precision ground cutting, choose curved blades and folding saws which are all designed with super sharp teeth for easy and fast cutting. Additional features include a locking mechanism, slip grip handles, chrome plated blades and rust resistant materials. 

Pruning Saws  

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  • £47.32

    Silky Zübat Saw is a heavy-duty, professional curved Silky saw with 7.5 teeth per 30mm, suitable for cutting large branches.7.5 teeth per 30mm Available in 5 different lengths Mono-construction with a moulded rubber handle Comes in Specially designed sheath for the curved blade Detachable belt holder.

    £39.43ex VAT £47.32inc VAT
  • £28.57

    A heavy-duty, professional curved Silky Zübat saw blade with 7.5 teeth per 30mm, suitable for cutting large branches.5 different sizes: 240, 270, 300, 330, 390, 7.5 teeth per 30mm, Most popular Silky Saw.

    £23.81ex VAT £28.57inc VAT
  • £3.60

    Rubber foot for use on Stein Poles.

    £3.00ex VAT £3.60inc VAT
  • £20.39

    STEIN Saw Head c/w pole adapter (no blade supplied)

    £16.99ex VAT £20.39inc VAT
  • £119.99

    Heavy duty vinyl pole bag The convenient way to carry and protect poles Four 6' pole pockets, pruner head pocket and carrying straps

    £99.99ex VAT £119.99inc VAT
  • £19.20

    The unique leg strap which makes your pruning saw more easily accessible.Anti-twist buckles & neoprene cushioning for a comfortable fit.Designed by Arborists, for both right and left handed users, for use in the tree or on the ground.It fits most makes of saw – straight or curved.

    £16.00ex VAT £19.20inc VAT
  • £50.39

    LP710-B Professional Bypass Loppers 35mm Cutting Capacity 710mm Aluminium Handles with rubber grips Made in the USA

    £41.99ex VAT £50.39inc VAT
  • £53.96

    8 1/2 " Resharpenable, forged steel alloy blades Lightweight, high-strength elliptical 13" aluminum handles Fully heat treated for strength Serrated top blade and limb notch in lower blade Forged-in bumper cups with Shock Stop bumper

    £44.97ex VAT £53.96inc VAT
  • £26.36

    Specially designed for smaller hands Resharpenable, forged, Radial Arc bypass blade cutting up to 1/2 inch diameter Fully heat-treated, forged steel alloy construction Slant-ground, narrow-profile hook

    £21.97ex VAT £26.36inc VAT
  • £32.36

    Compound Action Bypass Lopper Compound cutting action triples your cutting power, cutting up to 1 1/2" diameter Resharpenable, PTFE non-stick coated high-carbon steel blade Lightweight, strong 28" aluminum handles Ergonomic, co-molded grip.

    £26.97ex VAT £32.36inc VAT
  • £26.36

    Compound Action Anvil Lopper with 1 1/2" cut capacity 4-Bar compound linkage triples your cutting power Resharpenable, PTFE non-stick coated high-carbon steel anvil blade 32" Fiberglass handles Replaceable blade and anvil Extra-long 8" non-slip foam grips

    £21.97ex VAT £26.36inc VAT
  • £588.00

    3 x UTILITY EPR - 122cm Standard Pole1 x UTILITY EPR - 122cm Base Pole1 x STEIN RHINO Lopper Head with Tool Adaptor & Isolator1 x STEIN RHINO Lopper Rope 5.0m1 x STEIN RHINO Lopper Head Cover1 x STEIN KLINGE 390mm Blade with Tool Adaptor1 x STEIN KLINGE 390mm Blade Cover1 x STEIN HAKEN Hook with Tool Adaptor1 x UTILITY EPR 130 POLE Storage Bag

    £490.00ex VAT £588.00inc VAT
  • £36.70

    Silky Zübat Arborist saw blade with 5.5 teeth per 30mm, suitable for cutting large branches.5.5 teeth per 30mm, 330mm blade length.

    £30.58ex VAT £36.70inc VAT
  • £50.63

    The Silky Sugoi Saw Replacement spare has a uniquely shaped curved blade.360mm and 420mm blade lengths, 6.5 teeth per 30mm.

    £42.19ex VAT £50.63inc VAT
  • £53.02

    The Silky Sugowaza is a curved heavy duty pruning saw used for bigger tasks a saw like the Sugoi cannot handle. This is a high-quality replacement for this pruning saw.420mm blade length with 6.5 teeth per 30mm.

    £44.18ex VAT £53.02inc VAT
  • £18.66

    The Silky SUPER ACCEL replacement blade easily and securely locks into two different angle positions for easy cutting. Exceptional design, strength, balance and superior finish quality. Suitable for all pruning tasks and outdoor activities.210mm blade length, Choose from 7.5 and 14 teeth per 30mm, Superior finish quality.

    £15.55ex VAT £18.66inc VAT
  • £29.45

    The Silky TSURUGI replacement blade is perhaps the lightest, best balanced “big saw” ever produced.Teeth configurations: 8mm and 10mm, Blade lengths: 200mm - 300mm - 400mm, Product applications include pruning & trimming, lawn & garden.

    £24.54ex VAT £29.45inc VAT
  • £60.00
    Online Only New

    The Silky Hayauchi 390 Pole Saw Replacement Blade is a durable, but lightweight, long curved blade.390mm long curved blade, Ideal for the bigger jobs, High and low pruning.

    £50.00ex VAT £60.00inc VAT
  • £131.92
    Online Only New

    This great set of Silky Spare Blade, Cover and Bracket is for the Silky Saw Hayate Pole Pruning Saw, a professional's pole saw with thick, state-of-the-art, oval-shaped aluminum alloy poles.Replacement blade, Blade cover, Bracket.

    £109.93ex VAT £131.92inc VAT
  • £38.82

    The Silky Gomtaro is a superior replacement to the Gomtaro Apple. Manufactured from SK-4 carbon steel, this mono-construction has a moulded rubber hand-grip.Available in 5 different blade lengths Comfortable rubber handle Includes durable black polypropylene holster Ideal for pruning jobs.

    £32.35ex VAT £38.82inc VAT
  • £22.51

    Spare Blade for Silky Gomtaro Saw, beautifully balanced MIRAI-ME Silky sheath saw.8 teeth per 30mm, Hard chrome-plated, Taper-ground and impulse-hardened non-set tooth design, Limited lifetime warranty against defects in material and workmanship, Blade lengths: 210, 240, 270, 300, 330.

    £18.76ex VAT £22.51inc VAT
  • £204.72
    Online Only

    The Silky Hayate Ippon 1800 is ultimate in pole saws. Available as the fixed length IPPON and in 3 extendable lengths, HAYATE's oval profile, lightweight aluminium pole gives greater strength and rigidity. A cushion tip handle helps reduce pole damage.Comfort grip rubber Lightweight material High-tech curved blade

    £170.60ex VAT £204.72inc VAT
  • £493.20

    Silky’s high-strength, oval-shaped configuration of fiberglass poles provides precise control over the direction of the blade and minimizes bending. The base pole has a pole end shock absorber and a comfortable rubberized overgrip that ensures good hold and control.Comfortable rubberized cover 3X 6ft fiberglass poles Blade assembly and carrying bag

    £411.00ex VAT £493.20inc VAT
  • £14.23

    Spare Blade for Silky Saw F180 from Silky Fox Saws. The Silky F-180 Saw blade is a strong, lightweight Silky saw blade with 7.5 teeth per 30mm Spare Saw Blade Length 180mm.

    £11.86ex VAT £14.23inc VAT

Showing 1 - 24 of 147 items

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