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Tree Climbing Equipment  

Tree equipment also known as tree climbing gear includes a wide range of products designed for climbing trees such as, Climbing Ropes, Descenders, Ascenders, Tree Climbing Harnesses and Karabiners. Additional products includes throwline equipment and more.  Our selectio of products includes high-quality tree climbing gear for professional tree surgeons, arborists and forestry workers. From pulleys to climbing kits, we supply and deliver products by well-known brands such as stein, Arbortec, Pfanner and more. Order tree climbing equipment  today and get free Delivery On Orders Over £75!

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  • £132.73

    Suitable for tree dismantling Easy to use, reinforced wire core work positioning lanyard Stainless steel jaw type length adjuster for easy progressive one-handed adjustment without jolts 14mm diameter semi-rigid polypropylene and steel rope provides some protection against chainsaw damage Supplied with karabiner and alloy snap hook, 22mm opening Static...

    £132.73ex VAT £159.28inc VAT
  • £359.99

    The protective climbing pad with high density foam lining provides a high level of comfort against the shinThe specific shape and durability of the stainless steel gaff offer reliable and secure supportLightweight materials combined with an ergonomic design offers a level of comfort and ease of movement which is unsurpassed

    £359.99ex VAT £431.99inc VAT
  • £13.65

    With sliding anchorage pointConforms to EN358 when fitted to the Butterfly II or Dragonfly

    £13.65ex VAT £16.38inc VAT
  • £20.00

    Basic Rope Bag Designed with an internally covered sprung wire-core to keep the bag in an upright position and ridged, prevents its collapse when loading with rope. This bag can easily accommodate 45m of 13mm rope. Can also be utilised as a throw-line storage bag.

    £20.00ex VAT £24.00inc VAT
  • £7.00

    Cut-Away Strop 22kn rating for use with wire-core fliplines - also used for areial rescue

    £7.00ex VAT £8.40inc VAT
  • £30.99

    Mini Rope Grab for 10.5  - 13mm climbing rope

    £30.99ex VAT £37.19inc VAT
  • £72.99

    Yale Rope XTC Plus with one Factory Spliced Eye, our finest and most popular Yale Cordage Climbing Ropes. Incorporating all of the characteristics of the Yale XTC Climbing Rope but easier to see in the tree.  Available in 25m (80ft) - 37m (120ft) & 45m (150ft) Rope Lengths. 

    £72.99ex VAT £87.59inc VAT
  • £390.00

    Yale XTC Plus - 182m of Yale Cordage finest and most popular Climbing Rope - incorporating all the characteristics of Yale XTC Climbing Rope but easier to see in the tree.  Product Code - YA-7358632R

    £390.00ex VAT £468.00inc VAT
  • £2.85

    Cambium Saver Retreiver from Stein 32mm ball fitted with 11cm 6mm heavy duty bungee cord.

    £2.85ex VAT £3.42inc VAT
  • £10.00

    • Approved to EN362:2004/B • HMS shape provides large internal volume and gate clearance • I Beam section for increased strength to weight ratio• Patented Taperlock clean nose for increased gate push in and side resistance

    £10.00ex VAT £12.00inc VAT
  • £23.09

    The DMM range of pulleys is designed for rugged use in a work environment and use 4 mm thick 2014T6 side plates to enhance durability. All pulleys are riveted and tamper proof, we use high strength nickel chrome molly ground steel spindles, running in pre lubricated sintered bronze bearings, which are machined after fitting to the pulley sheave to give...

    £23.09ex VAT £27.71inc VAT
  • £6.93

    DMM produce a range of 4 anchor rings that have a multitude of rigging application and are particularly popular with arborists. The rings are turned from solid 7075 aluminum, fully heat treated to T6 condition and anodised for identification and corrosion prevention. They are certified as mobile anchor points to EN795(b):1997.

    £6.93ex VAT £8.32inc VAT
  • £94.35

    Petzl Acentree Double-Handed Arborist Rope Clamp

    £94.35ex VAT £113.22inc VAT
  • £75.42

    Petzl Rig Compact Self-Braking Descender

    £75.42ex VAT £90.50inc VAT
  • £25.00

    Padded Storage Bag for Stein X2 Climbers

    £25.00ex VAT £30.00inc VAT
  • £65.63

    Contains: 1 x STEIN SS-1H6002 "Skywalker" Pulley 2 x STEIN SS-1H8411 Oval Karabiners 1 x STEIN SS-1EM0070 Copious TAC 1 x STEIN SS-1H0004-2 Retention Rubbers

    £65.63ex VAT £78.76inc VAT
  • £119.99

    The Petzl Zifzag is a great tool for any tree worker to have.The newly improved mechanical Prusik allows the user to move around efficiently in a tree while using classic Prusik pulley system technique. Manufactured to the highest standard, The linked rings provide precision and fluidity when moving around.

    £119.99ex VAT £143.99inc VAT
  • £178.00

    Sequoia Harness From Petzl Tree Care Seat Harness For Double Roped Ascent Techniques.

    £178.00ex VAT £213.60inc VAT

Showing 1 - 18 of 452 items

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