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Whether you are a professional tree surgeon, landscaper or gardener, we have always got something for you. With hundreds of products available at low costs, you're sure to  find all your tree work equipment here. Browse our range of products that are now on sale. Our selection also features great quality items for professional Tree Climbers, Arborists, Tree Surgeons and people working in Forestry. Shop now for FREE UK mainland delivery on £75 orders or more.

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  • £39.60 £51.59
    1 Review(s)

    Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil 25L for Pump fed Chainsaws. Super Sexy Chainsaw Oil is a viscous tacky chainsaw oil with anti-fling properties. Designed to lubricate & protect chainsaw chains & cutter bars on pump fed chainsaws.Used by 1000's of Tree Surgeons & ArboristsORDER NOW with FREE DELIVERY!

    £33.00ex VAT £39.60inc VAT
  • £9.60 £17.99

    High quality arborist t-shirt by Rotatech. Join the Rotatech® Revolution today! With our Che Guevara inspired T-Shirts. Made from 100% cotton, the high-quality Rotatech Revolution T-Shirts have proved extremely popular at the shows we have visited this year, so much so that we have decided to include them in our new clothing range.

    £8.00ex VAT £9.60inc VAT
  • £180.00 £252.00

    3 Pairs of Rotatech Blades for Timberwolf 35/150 Set of 6 Torx Bolts Tube of Copper Grease

    £150.00ex VAT £180.00inc VAT
  • £36.00 £48.00

    Steel specification ISO 9001 Heat treated to ISO 9000 Vacuum hardened and double tempered for maximum wear life and toughness Full material traceability to ISO 9001 Guaranteed for the duration of the knives’ working life, our unique Knifetime™ guarantee Made in Sheffield - England

    £30.00ex VAT £36.00inc VAT
  • £9.59

    Rotatech Beanie look smart, comfortable and keep your head warm. Like everything in the Rotatech range, these hats are of a great quality, at a great price. 

    £7.99ex VAT £9.59inc VAT
  • £189.00 £225.00

    Made from ceramic coated abrasion resistant fabric, and our distinctive lime green leather, the Scafell XER Class 2 chainsaw boot is an advance in chainsaw footwear quality and style.

    £189.00ex VAT £189.00inc VAT
  • £137.99

    Texxion 4 way stretch  rip stop outer fabric Fabric treated with Teflon HT to make it oil, water and dirt repellent Pre-shaped convex knees with Armortex fabric  Backside reinforced with Armortex fabric EN 381-5 : 1995 / Class 1 - 20 m/s design A EN ISO 13688 : 2013

    £114.99ex VAT £137.99inc VAT
  • £29.02

    The Spider Plate from Shizll is a simple tool with four holes that self-clamps for light duty rigging. The Spider is very small and easy to use and eliminates the use of knots in many scenarios. It behaves like a metal knot which is very easy to loosen. It can be used with rope or carabiners and other connectors.

    £24.18ex VAT £29.02inc VAT
  • £171.43

    Cut protection Class 2 Plastic/fleece insole Foot bed Protective toe cap HAIX® Climate System HAIX® 2-Zone Lacing

    £142.86ex VAT £171.43inc VAT
  • £6.00

    The name speaks for itself, the Pfanner Allround work gloves are a perfect solution for all general working activities. They are made from soft and supple goat skin, a comfortable material designed for durability and dexterity.

    £5.00ex VAT £6.00inc VAT
  • £179.94

    The Pfanner Arborist Jacket is a high-quality jacket Ideal for arborists. With an improved Ventilation system, the jacket is designed to also keep you cool on hot days.  Additional features include a silicon print on the back and side inserts to keep the jacket in place under the belt. The intelligently placed pockets increase comfort, movement and...

    £149.95ex VAT £179.94inc VAT
  • £227.99

    The New and improved Pfanner Arborist trousers are 25% lighter than its predecessor (through the use of high quality Dyneema® cutting protection), additional ventilation by means of mesh fabric at the hip and Keprotec® reinforcements on the front and inside leg area for improved crampon protection. Pfanner's goal was to develop a trouser with maximum...

    £189.99ex VAT £227.99inc VAT
  • £257.99

    The New and improved Pfanner Arborist trousers are 25% lighter than its predecessor (through the use of high quality Dyneema® cutting protection), additional ventilation by means of mesh fabric at the hip and Keprotec® reinforcements on the front and inside leg area for improved crampon protection. Pfanner's goal was to develop a trouser with maximum...

    £214.99ex VAT £257.99inc VAT
  • £276.00

    Keprotec® protection on the front and inside leg areas Netting in waistband area to boost air circulation Preformed, tear-proof Keprotec knee reinforcements Inside lining made of high quality functional fibres Extremely light cutting protection, Class 1 20 m/sMeets British Standards: EN381-5: Type C : Class 1 20m/s

    £230.00ex VAT £276.00inc VAT
  • £18.00

    Pfanner Classic braces available in different colours (Black or Red). Made from durable elastic material, the braces can also be adjusted from the front and the back.Adjustable 11% Elastane Elastic button type braces Available in 2 different colours

    £15.00ex VAT £18.00inc VAT
  • £16.80

    Compatible with the extreme chainsaw trousers, the Pfanner Gladiator Braces are made from robust elastic and can be adjusted with the velcro fasteners at the back and front. For a perfect fit, the braces are available in different height sizes.

    £14.00ex VAT £16.80inc VAT
  • £41.99

    The Pfanner Zip Neck Shirt incorporates a Stretch AIR technology designed to minimise moisture accumulation and keep the body temperature regulated.  Ideal for daily work, the Pfanner shirt offers Unique breathability and ensures you stay feeling and smelling fresh at all times.

    £34.99ex VAT £41.99inc VAT
  • £252.00

    The Pfanner Gladiator Extreme Trousers are a highly recommended type of chainsaw trousers. Ideal for all conditions, these are class 1 trousers with lining made from high-quality functional fibre. The Pfanner Gladiator Extreme Trousers are also lighter in comparison to the other versions. Additional features include Kevlar threads, a strong and heat...

    £210.00ex VAT £252.00inc VAT
  • £252.00

    The Pfanner Gladiator Extreme Trousers are extremely robust and strong due to the Gladiator fabric at the front, while the Stretch AIR fabric at the back ensures great comfort. The outer fabric is reinforced with Kevlar threads making these trousers waterproof, oil repellent and abrasion and heat resistant with excellent durability. 

    £210.00ex VAT £252.00inc VAT
  • £212.39

    The Pfanner KlimaAIR Forest Jacket is a durable, water and dirt repellent Jacket. The Klima-AIR technology lining allows your body to keep cool in warm conditions and warm in cooler weather conditions. Additional features include a Stretch-AIR fabric for better breathability and mobility. The Jacket is also suitable for all seasons and has a lowered back...

    £176.99ex VAT £212.39inc VAT
  • £310.00

    Brand - Pfanner Class - Class 1 Colour - Red Material - Leather-Microfibre / Ceramic Sole  -Rubber Waterproof - Yes EN Certification EN 17249

    £310.00ex VAT £310.00inc VAT
  • £3.90

    The Pfanner Stretchflex Fine Grip gloves are designed to offer excellent grip in oily and wet conditions. The additional Stretchflex feature ensures the glove remains flexible and fits perfect. The palm and finger tips also have dotted patterns for better grip and control, 

    £3.25ex VAT £3.90inc VAT
  • £6.36

    The Pfanner Stretchflex Ice Grip gloves offer many beneficial features. Made from polyamide with acrylic coating, the gloves are also ideal for wet conditions. The fleece internal lining helps keep your hands nice and warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Additional features include excellent grip and velcro wrist fastening for maximum comfort.

    £5.30ex VAT £6.36inc VAT
  • £240.00
    1 Review(s)

    Size Waist (cm) Waist (inches) Standard Inside Leg (cm) Standard Inside Leg (inches)XS80308032S86328032M92358032L98388032XL1044180322XL110438032

    £200.00ex VAT £240.00inc VAT

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