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  • £12.00 Next Day Delivery

    •H-Beam shaped body, high strength but 20% less weight. •Large clearance in a compact design. •CATCH-FREE system to allow clean connections snag-free. For professional climbers that need the uppermost equipment. Ideally designed for use as a harness connector, placement of equipment and hauling.

    £12.00ex VAT £12.00inc VAT
  • £30.00 In Stock

    Pulley with mobile side plates that allow the insertion of any connector.Made in anodized light alloy Sheaves mounted on ball bearings For use with ropes Ø ≤ 13 mm Designed for hauling systems and deviations

    £30.00ex VAT £30.00inc VAT
  • £120.00 Next Day Delivery

    Teufelberger CE Lanyards 5 Metre

    £120.00ex VAT £120.00inc VAT
  • £38.00 In Stock

    High-resistance EN 795-B anchor sling with aluminum alloy rings, particularly suited to tree work and for sites with entry from below where the sling can be removed from the ground after having finished the work at height. Main characteristics:made of durable polyamide and high tenacity polyester; equipped with two light alloy rings of different diameter.

    £38.00ex VAT £38.00inc VAT
  • £8.00 In Stock

    Clean nose oval straight gate biner Strong and lightweight I-Beam construction Very generous 9.75mm rope radius Works well in pulley systems Excellent aid climbing biner Perfect racking biner

    £8.00ex VAT £8.00inc VAT
  • £6.00 In Stock

    Classic all round wire gate biner Lightweight I-Beam construction Safer, deeper rope basket Easy to handle back shape Generous 8.5mm rope radius Modified nose profile to protect the gate

    £6.00ex VAT £6.00inc VAT
  • £8.50 In Stock

    A hot forged Screwgate carabiner with a neat design and a clean, keylock nose to reduce snagging.

    £8.50ex VAT £8.50inc VAT
  • £10.00 Next Day Delivery

    The DMM XSRE Carabiner is an extremely lightweight and compact accessory with hundreds of potential applications; indeed, it has been touted as the most useful high-performance accessory carabiner on the market today. Whether you're pitching a tarp or securing kit inside your canoe, the XSRE Carabiner will do the job without weighing your pack down.

    £10.00ex VAT £10.00inc VAT
  • £79.20 2 / 3 Day Delivery
    New Sale

    XTC rope was designed specifically for the demanding needs of the professional arborist. XTC is a tight braid consisting of 16 individual strands of polyester.CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A Abrasion-resistant construction Excellent energy absorption

    £79.20ex VAT £79.20inc VAT
  • £135.00 In Stock
    New Sale

    HEDERA 117 is a true 11.7mm 24-strand double braid climbing line made from a unique blend of fibres. This blend of fibres maintains its round feel but remains flexible and knot friendly.Premium grade polyester Nylon inner core Spliceable line CE Certified to BS EN1891:1998 Standard Type A

    £135.00ex VAT £135.00inc VAT
  • £48.00 Next Day Delivery
    New Sale

    Yale - Whoopie Sling 16mm (Orange) (104cm) - A whoopie sling is an easily adjustable rope sling used for anchoring products.

    £48.00ex VAT £48.00inc VAT
  • £46.00 Next Day Delivery
    New Sale

    Multi-Slings are the latest versions of the traditional Dead-Eye. Offering a variety of uses from an Anchor sling, to a Mounting sling, even a Balancing sling. 

    £46.00ex VAT £46.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 12 of 61 items

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