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Semi Chisel Chain  

Semi-chisel chains are some of the most popular and versatile chainsaw chains available on the market. This chisel has teeth with rounded edges at the corners, which makes it ideal for cutting all kinds of softwood. Semi-chisel chains can cut harder woods if needed, but the process is a little slower than full-chisel chains. These chains are reliable and can handle dirty wood, dry wood, and frozen wood, which can be very useful for arborists operating in all seasons.

Semi-chisel chains are also safer to use and that’s because of their weaker kickback. This chain will not cause the abrupt kick through your saw during operation, which can help you avoid accidents. As this is a versatile chain, you can use it in almost any kind of application and can benefit from having it in your kit. They are also much more durable and less likely to break compared to other options available. Browse our selection of Rotatech semi chisel chains and order online today.

Semi Chisel Chain  

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  • £4.80

    Rotatech™ Chains to fit Stihl Chainsaws are a low cost high quality replacement chain, designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market. Select Model, Guide Bar Size & Type Of Cutter.100% moneyback guarantee ORDER 2 to get FREE Delivery*Cart button disappears then the option you have selected is not available*

    £4.80ex VAT £4.80inc VAT
  • £6.72

    Rotatech™ Chains to fit Husqvarna Chainsaws. These are a low cost high-quality replacement chain, designed to compete with the bigger more expensive brands on the market.100% moneyback guaranteeORDER 2 to get FREE Delivery. Simply Select your Model, Guide Bar Size & Type Of Cutter.

    £6.72ex VAT £6.72inc VAT
  • £3.90

    If you can't find your chain listed please use this tool to select the right spec for your needs.ORDER 2 for FREE Delivery 100% Money Back GuaranteeSelect the Pitch, Gauge & No Of Drivelinks From the drop down boxes below.   *Please allow 1 more working day for delivery, We also cannot accept refunds on custom loops.

    £3.90ex VAT £3.90inc VAT

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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