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Sithl Chainsaw Oil  

Browse and selecion of Stihl chainsaw oil at affordable prices.

Sithl Chainsaw Oil  

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  • £31.50

    STIHL HP Super 2-Stroke Engine Oil is a high quality Semi-synthetic oil containing low ash additives to ensure clean low smoke burn. Low Smoke Low-Ash Additives Clear Burning Part-Synthetic Genuine Stihl

    £26.25ex VAT £31.50inc VAT
  • £1.38
    1 Review(s)

    Top selling mineral oil based 2-stroke engine oil. Specifically developed for Stihl engines. Suitable for all types and makes of gardening 2 stroke application. Excellent lubrication and combustion properties. Quality and performance Available in 3 sizes Please Remember That You Should Only Use Stihl 2 Stroke With Saws Under Warranty As Other Brands Will...

    £1.15ex VAT £1.38inc VAT
  • £3.59

    Outstanding protection against wear. This semi-synthetic high performance lubricant is made from high grade base oils which prevent resinification during prolonged downtimes.High performance lubricant  Made from high grade base oils Outstanding protection against wear prevents resinification during prolonged downtimes

    £2.99ex VAT £3.59inc VAT

Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items

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