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(SRT) Foot Ascenders

Foot ascenders allow arborists to climb with their feet. This tool has a cam on the instep of the climber’s feet. The cam holds on to the climbing rope, providing you a base to stand on to scale the tree. These tools are primarily used in frog style SRT. 

(SRT) Foot Ascenders

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  • £13.09 2-3 days Delivery

    The STEIN SRT Foot Loop was first shown in action on the STEIN Technical Demonstration area in 2015 at the UK Arb Show. After long term testing and user feedback sees the development of a product truly designed for the SRT climbers.Easy to fit Laces can be tied over the loop

    £13.09ex VAT £13.09inc VAT
  • £60.09 2-3 days Delivery

    The STEIN Knee Ascent System is a simple but effective kit of components which helps assist you in ascending your climbing system easier and faster.Designed to work in conjunction with a foot ascender (STEIN DJANGO) It can be used in either double rope systems (DRT) or in single rope systems (SRT). The knee ascender captures the advancement made by your...

    £60.09ex VAT £60.09inc VAT
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  • £34.97 Product available with different options

    The STEIN DJANGO Foot Ascender has been designed in partnership with ISC following extensive feedback from industry professionals requesting a more robust product. Stainless Steel cam Creep-free Webbing Fully Adjustable Straps Abrasion Resistant Straps

    £34.97ex VAT £34.97inc VAT
  • £37.64 2 / 3 Day Delivery

    The ISC STRYDER Foot Ascender has been designed following extensive feedback from many industry users. Cam-face & Spring TensionAbrasion ResistantFully Adjustable

    £37.64ex VAT £37.64inc VAT

Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items

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