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The highest quality and innovation in all products promise opti-mal safety combined with comfort and design.

Harnesses - High-quality, certified work harnesses for many fields of work
Fall-arrest devices  - MAGic, the smallest, most powerful fall-arrest device
Lanyards - For the ideal connection betwen harness and fall-arrest device
Ropes - High-performance Paraloc and core-sheathed ropes
Hardware - Technical equipment for customized use
Automatic fall arrest blocks  - Freedom of motion and safety while working at heights
Descenders - MILAN, high-quality descenders and rescue devices
Anchor points - DreibockTriboc, winches, safety traverse, mobile anchor points and much more
Basket carriers  - For safe and secure rescue of the injured
Accessories - PPE accessories and storage for your equipment
Protective clothing - More comfort, more safety in wind and weather
Sets - A range of products that can be used together
Height access systems - Climbing protection for safely climbing up and descending
Anchoring devices - For fixing PPE while working

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  • £12.00

    SKYLOTEC - ClipZ-SC Aluminium Karabiner

    £10.00ex VAT £12.00inc VAT
  • £27.50

    SKYLOTEC Double-O Tri Aluminium Karabiner, the new generation of oval karabiner with 180° technology and smooth triple-locking mechanism for maximum safety. With the new carabiner series DOUBLE, SKYOLTEC has now an answer for all those who work and climb left-handed or use both hands. With the innovative design (180° spring rotation) the sleeve that...

    £22.92ex VAT £27.50inc VAT
  • £20.00

    SKYLOTEC HMS Style 3-Way Karabiner

    £16.67ex VAT £20.00inc VAT
  • £325.16

    This makes the IGNITE ARGON a true comfort miracle. Perfectly adjustable safety harness for rope access:anatomically shaped padding for maximum wearing comfortXS - M = 80cm - 120cm (Weight: 2.1KG) M - XXL = 90cm - 130cm (Weight: 2.2KG) XXL- 5XL = 100cm - 150cm (Weight: 2.3KG)

    £270.97ex VAT £325.16inc VAT
  • £117.56

    User-friendly, self-explanatory, safe:easy to put on and adjust very good fit large roping-up loops (chest) with wear indicatorWaist size measurements and harness weights are as follows:XS - M = 70cm - 100cm (Weight: 1.1KG) M - XXL = 80cm - 110cm (Weight: 1.2KG) XXL- 5XL = 90cm - 120cm (Weight: 1.3KG)

    £97.97ex VAT £117.56inc VAT
  • £168.00

    Scores with comfort, colour concept and design:ergonomic high-tech padding AIRPADWaist size measurements and harness weights are as follows:XS - M = 65cm - 115cm (Weight: 2.7KG) M - XXL = 80cm - 130cm (Weight: 2.8KG) XXL- 5XL = 95cm - 145cm (Weight: 2.9KG)

    £140.00ex VAT £168.00inc VAT
  • £215.96

    Functionality and ergonomics in abundance:asymmetric padding with integrated belt guideWaist size measurements and harness weights are as follows:XS - M = 75cm - 125cm (Weight: 1.9KG) M - XXL = 80cm - 130cm (Weight: 2.0KG) XXL- 5XL = 90cm - 140cm (Weight: 2.1KG)

    £179.97ex VAT £215.96inc VAT
  • £283.19

    Shoulder or leg padding: Yes Click buckles: Yes Gear loop: Yes Back support: YesMax. service life: 6-8 Years Attachment Points: pole strap attachment point, seat attachment pointMeets Safety Certifications: EN 358: 1999, EN 813: 2008 Weight: 2.44 kg

    £235.99ex VAT £283.19inc VAT
  • £15.60

    SKYLOTEC - PASSO SC Aluminium Karabiner The passO HMS carabiner provides the foundation for the pinchLock and inLock. As passO-Screw (screwer, incl. safety marking), passO Twist (twistlock) and passO Tri (trilock) an essential part of every climbers’ rack. Gate opening 30 mm in each case.

    £13.00ex VAT £15.60inc VAT
  • £21.50

    SKYLOTEC - PINCH Aluminium Karabiner The pinchLock II (winner iF Product Design Award 2013 and the German Design Award 2014) revolutionised climbing hardware. The gate (28 mm) can only be opened when both spring plates are pinched. Easy handling and greater safety.

    £17.92ex VAT £21.50inc VAT
  • £203.96

    The RECORD harness provides the lightweight comfort of a sports belt and is the lightest harness available on the market in the field of tree care at just .79kg.XS - M = 75cm - 130cm (Weight: 0.75KG) M - XXL = 90cm - 135cm (Weight: 0.867KG) XXL- 5XL = 100cm - 140cm (Weight: 0.875KG)

    £169.97ex VAT £203.96inc VAT
  • £413.96

    The RESCUE PRO 2.0 harness fits like a second skin and provides the following features:Integrated, changeable rope clampWaist size measurements and harness weights are as follows:XS - M = 85cm - 120cm (Weight: 2.6KG) M - XXL = 90cm - 130cm (Weight: 2.6KG) XXL- 5XL = 100cm - 145cm (Weight: 2.6KG)

    £344.97ex VAT £413.96inc VAT

Showing 1 - 12 of 12 items

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