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Landscaping Accessories  

There are many Landscaping Accessories available today to make a professional’s job easier and safer. These accessories are designed to improve worksite safety, make sure arborists can get their job done quickly, and provide assistance with carrying loads.

We at Northern Arb contain a number of Landscaping Accessories like arbor trolleys, ground tarps, trolley wheels, hardware fixing kits, multipurpose bags, extension handles, extension arms, etc. These items are manufactured by reliable companies like Stein so you can be certain of their quality.

Landscaping Accessories  

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  • £65.00

    The STEIN UTILITY TARP has a thousand and one uses.  Made in the USA from heavy duty PVC tarpaulin material and sewn with high-tensile nylon thread. All the edges are folded and welded for added strength and the corners supported with a Cordura Material Patch.

    £65.00ex VAT £65.00inc VAT

Showing 1 - 1 of 1 item

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